Why Email Marketing Will Never Exit This Business

Email Marketing

Despite the popularity and widespread use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for promotional purposes, the strength of email marketing as one of the Bitcoin casino marketing strategies continues to prevail and do wonders for this market. This is the reason every online gambling enthusiast who has signed up in a Bitcoin casino still receives messages in their inbox. After all, several Bitcoin casinos still perceive the importance of email marketing as one of the major and effective strategies today.

Regardless if it is a Bitcoin casino, an online poker room, a sportsbook, or any other Bitcoin gambling site, chances are the online betting platform will be contacting its new and old customers via email, unless its marketing arm is in dire need of a reality check.

In fact, the majority of the successful Bitcoin casinos make use of this strategy, so much that it is hardly a day without receiving updates and exciting offers. But what exactly are the significances of these emails?

Retention emails keep the excitement alive

Retention emails are designed to encourage regular customers to continue betting on a variety of Bitcoin games. In short, such emails aim to push players to wager again, try out other games, and stay focused on collecting as many Bitcoin wins as possible.

Bitcoin casino enthusiasts who have already registered on select gambling sites and are regularly placing bets on Bitcoin slots, poker, blackjack, and many others are the primary target of retention emails. Thus, it should be a common scene to find online gambling venues like BetChain Casino and Bitstarz sending out promotional messages that invite their loyal and supportive clients to experience another round of excitement and entertainment through their Bitcoin betting services.

BetChain Casino

Given that this type of email targets the active bettors, the typical information or messages that qualify as retention emails normally pertain to the new casino bonus and promotions and the launch of new games to name a few.

Conversion emails encourage players to start betting

On the other hand, the emails received by players who have already signed up but are yet to make their first or another deposit are what are usually called conversion emails.

For the uninitiated, this special kind of email is optimized to present the players with the attractive lists of bonuses, limited offers, and other exciting perks that will push them to start betting bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in the casino.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos would send out marketing emails like the one produced by BitCasino.io. Besides, who can say ‘no’ to a 100% Bitcoin casino bonus instantly added to the bankroll?


Bitcoin casino finds vital use for email marketing

Emails still prove to be effective, especially today when technology allows for faster communication. As the Bitcoin casino market matures by the day, it is expected to welcome more interested players eager to experience the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin.

Although other means of communication have evolved over time, the conventional strategy of email marketing still showcases its power in this field, which only validates its existence on the market until today–today when the promotion of strong Bitcoin grassroots advertising still works.