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Why Having Esports in Schools Is Beneficial for Kids and Young Adults

Esports is a wonderful way of entertaining yourself and playing with other people. Everyone from all ages can dip their toes into this vast world.

However, people are still debating whether implementing esports into an education system might be beneficial for learning and teamwork.

In this article, we will discuss broadly how esports is good for youngsters of all ages and how they can enhance their development of all stages.

Furthermore, educators pinpoint that extracurricular activities make students more productive, happy and successful. Such activities can help them socialize with their fellow classmates and they will learn a new valuable skill for life later on.

Also, they’re less likely to indulge in inappropriate behaviors like using drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Their time becomes more occupied with their favorite activities and they tend to go to school more frequently.

And without further ado, let’s jump into few reasons why esports can be a great source of fun and success.

Inclusion within the community.

It’s very common for young people to play video games a lot, but they do alone usually in their home. So, what esports can change within these young people in schools, it’s the fact that there can be computer rooms created for “esports” clubs. This way students can join physically and online with their peers and play on a new level of interaction.

Furthermore, mutual interests tend to spark the best friendships, so students won’t feel isolated on school grounds and outside of them.

It’s well known that when one feels accepted and cherished by their community, this is a major mental health and immune system booster. Thus, young people will sleep better, eat better, and generally be happier with a good mindset.

According to a research done by the American Psychological Association, rejection causes anger issues, sadness, depression, panic attacks, etc.  Also, an experiment with a fMRI proved that the feeling of exclusion can feel just like a severe physical injury.

Building a set of skills through esports

Sports and esports are known to build discipline and cooperation skills in young people. Of course, there are many other skills that can be achieved by playing in a team whether on a field or on screen.

For example, esports builds conflict management, listening and compromise skills, assertiveness through team work.

Other skills that esports players have are social skills, of course. They include using certain body language, thinking, planning, understanding the importance of having an opinion and sharing it in order to beat the competition. Strategy and logic are some compounds that children don’t have naturally and they need to be nourished and cared for.

Another skill that esports teach is how to handle loss and winnings. Learning from a young age that failing and winning are the two sides of life is very helpful.

Also, understanding that failures are just lessons that needed to be learnt the hard way is also a healthy mindset to have at a young age.

Other few skills that are good to mention are time management, learning how to behave whilst travelling and adapting to a new scenery, and respect for others.

These skills come in a pack that stems mainly from participating in tournaments, going abroad for matches, and dealing with fighting for a cause with others.

Esports as an opportunity for colleges and careers

Esports are not just for fun as there are many people that earn loads of money professionally by playing on the big screens.

Moreover, there are many opportunities for a career in esports that high school students can take upon. With many internships and junior positions for countless sectors of esports like marketing, sales, management, etc., everyone can enjoy a piece of the industry.

Furthermore, some colleges already provide esports scholarships for the best and the boldest.


To sum up, what are you waiting for?

If you have the passion and the skills for esports, your dream job and education might be just a few clicks away.

It’s so exciting to be part of this new future that provides jobs like never before.

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