Wild Seas Slot Pays More in Generous Scatter Mode


ELK Studio’s latest Wild Seas slot is a take on the era of the pirates. Its signature feature is its Wild Seas Scatter mode that comes with roaming Wilds.

ELK Studio’s latest slot is themed after the era of pirates. Wild Seas slot is set to be released on Jan. 11 to fiat and Bitcoin casinos that carry the provider’s games.

The definitive feature of Wild Seas slot by ELK Studios is its Scatter mode. True to its theme, this game shows pirates hunting down merchant ships for large payouts during the said mode. But there are more to this game than the Scatter mode. Here are the best features this slot game offers.

Big Payouts with Roaming Wild Ships

ELK Studios Releases Wild Seas Slot in January 2018No merchant ships will leave the sea with its booty, thanks to Wild Seas Scatter mode. This feature is triggered by having at least two Wild Seas Wild symbols on the reels.

The game’s Scatter mode does not have a permanent set of free spins. It starts with four Wild Merchant Ship symbols on the fifth reel. In each of the free spin, the ships move toward the right.

When all four ships move to the fourth reel, a Pirate Ship symbol may appear at any of the four rows on the reels. This Pirate Ship symbol will shoot at the Merchant Ship symbol that is in the same row. Merchant Ships that got hit by the Pirate’s cannon stay in its place during the next spin while the other ships move forward. Scatter mode only ends once all Merchant Ships disappear to the right side of the reels.

Although many fiat and Bitcoin slots offer a Scatter mode, this game by ELK Studios ensures that it offers more exciting features.

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Loot Hunting Bonus Feature

There is another feature in the Scatter mode of the game called Loot the Treasure. This is triggered when the Pirate Ship can hit one Merchant Ship three times during Scatter Mode.

Loot the Treasure is an extension of the game’s Scatter Mode where Wild Chest symbols appear on the reels instead of Merchant ships. The Pirate Ship symbol also makes its return to this feature. When a closed Chest symbol appears in front of the Pirate Ship, the ship shoots at the chest to open it. Every opened Wild Chest symbol stays on the reels throughout the Loot the Treasure mode.

Just like the Wild Seas Scatter mode, there are no set amounts of free spins in Loot the Treasure. The mode only ends when the Pirate ship shoots an Explosive Barrel symbol in front of it. It is possible for players to get more than 20 free spins for an incredible amount of payout in this game.

More Paylines for More Payouts even on Mobile

To make full use of the game’s Scatter mode, Wild Seas has 178 pay lines available. Players can easily create a match with this number of pay lines. With 178 ways to win, the roaming Wild Ships and the Sticky Wild treasure chests can further help players in making more matches.

Wild Seas slot by ELK Studios is designed with mobile players in mind. The Spin and Auto Spin buttons are set at the right side of the screen that makes it easier for smartphone players to tap with using their thumbs. The HTML5 format allows for a seamless experience when playing Wild Seas slot on both desktop and mobile devices.

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