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Will Bitcoin Poker, Dice Still Have High Demands This Year?

Bitcoin Poker

Several notable changes and trends made noise in the Bitcoin casino market within the past few months. There were the new casinos and gambling sites that launched in the betting arena, and there were the gambling products and services that donned better features for an advanced Bitcoin gambling experience.

However, perhaps the two most significant developments in this field are the renewed interest in Bitcoin poker and the continuous fame of Bitcoin dice.

A look at Bitcoin dice’s success story

To put things into perspective, Bitcoin dice has always been a huge hit among all types of bettors. This is the reason popular gambling sites like SatoshiDice and Primedice still prevail in the market. In fact, SatoshiDice now features two kinds of dice game while Primedice already rolled out its latest platform known as Primedice 3.

Aside from these two established brands, there were other projects that merit special mentions. For instance, SatoshiBONES added altcoins when it reached its first year in the business toward the second quarter of 2014 while Pocket Dice introduced a fresh and unique dice betting interface.

With an excellent run for the Bitcoin dice platforms last year, it looks as if this year will have a hard time topping the former. Aside from the fact that most dice sites have already made a mark in the market, there is also a significant absence of news or fanfare of new Bitcoin dice platforms launching soon.

It looks as if another game is bound to overshadow dice’s stellar performance.

Renewed interest in Bitcoin poker

Going into 2014, only a few poker rooms—SealsWithClubs and Betcoin Poker—were popular among players. However, this began to shift as more poker rooms joined the Bitcoin gambling scene. What makes it special is that the new Bitcoin poker platforms are backed, if not operated, by actual professional poker players themselves.

Breakout Gaming and GetLuckyPoker are the two cryptocurrency poker rooms that are expected to rock the poker betting niche. Along with these are the resurrection of Burnturn Poker and the much-awaited debut of the blockchain betting poker site, Bitnplay.

With a series of new poker rooms lined up for a launch early this year–along with possible releases of mobile poker app and other products, it is expected that the Bitcoin poker market will grow larger in the next few months. This is definitely good news for the poker aficionados and the Bitcoin casino community in general since there will be a variety of entertaining gambling activities to choose from.

Moreover, the certified Poker Automatics poker bots available to real-money and Bitcoin players are readily available in Bitcoin poker sites operating under the Winning Poker Network.

With Bitcoin poker poised to continue its lead and have high demands, it may very well become the most talked about niche in Bitcoin gambling in the first half of 2015. Meanwhile, Bitcoin dice will still have its share of the spotlight as it will keep receiving bets, thanks to its attractive and effective system of micro-transactions.



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