Will Casino Floors Expect Bitcoin Payments Soon?

Bringing Bitcoin to Casino Floors

Las Vegas Club, one of the more popular and iconic casinos in Sin City, recently closed. Bearing a lot of history under its belt, it even pre-dates legalized gambling in Nevada, having been established in 1930. It was also the first casino to hang a neon sign.

It has been through two locations and a number of owners throughout its existence. Until finally, it was sold to brothers Derek and Greg Stevens, who own the D Las Vegas and Golden Gate casinos in Nevada. Possibilities of the brothers renovating and re-opening it as a casino is still in the picture, but none of the plans have been confirmed as of this writing.

The Stevens are known for revolutionizing casinos in Las Vegas. They were also the first ones who facilitated the use of Bitcoin in their hotels, beginning in January last year. Although accepted only at the front desk, gift shops, and restaurants, it marked a good start for the cryptocurrency to make its way to brick-and-mortar casinos.

Hybrid Casino

Advantages rolled into one

Who says Bitcoin gambling can only exist online? Bringing Bitcoin to casino floors can forward new opportunities and markets into this niche. Combining traditional land-based casinos and the modern technology Bitcoin offers creates a new and exciting concept.

However, Bitcoin gambling and land based-casinos should complement each other, not destroy.

Bettors who prefer playing in a real setting can bask in the ambient sounds of the actual casino floor and appreciate the interaction among fellow players. Additional services such as buffets, drinks, and other accommodation are also at a player’s disposal.

House edge can be hard to obtain when playing at a traditional casino, not to mention misleading at times. But for online casino players, it is easily accessible by visiting the information section of a website.

Payment options can also be a nuisance for brick-and-mortar casino players. Some may require personal identification and forms to be filled out before one can cash out winnings. Bitcoin skips all of these steps, making transactions a breeze for players.

Furthermore, provable fairness is one system that dawned with the introduction of Bitcoin. Traditional casinos can do well with the presence of this system, as it will ensure all deals made are honest and tamper-proof.

Bitcoin in Land-Based Casinos

The best of both worlds

The advantages of playing in both online and land-based casinos can be a hundred fold, and incorporating the benefits of the two well-known gambling traditions will make Bitcoin games more exciting than they already are. Moreover, integrating the said advantages can help both structures to exponentially grow into something more recognizable to all Bitcoin gamers out there.

In the event Las Vegas Club becomes the next hotel and casino to accept Bitcoin, it can be expected for the Nevada Gaming Commission to consider laying out concrete plans for Bitcoin gambling in Las Vegas. Currently, there are no policies establishing the use of Bitcoin on the casino floors.