Will Darkcoin Be the Online Bettors’ New Best Friend?


Although Bitcoin may have been the first cryptocurrency to grace the online gaming industry, being the first is not a guarantee that it will be the best one for the job. This rings more truth these days as another crypto strengthens its presence in the gambling market—one that can offer faster transaction times and true anonymity for players.

Darkcoin, which was launched earlier this year, has finally extended its market reach and is veering away from its identifier as a mere altcoin for buying drugs. It is slowly being recognized in crypto gambling, and this is largely due to the features players themselves demand.

Designed on and functioning through the Darksend protocol, Darkcoin registers a quicker confirmation time for every transaction. This is made possible by its new feature InstantX, which promises near-instant transactions.

Darkcoin CasinosMoreover, this altcoin offers private transactions, with minimal to zero chances of tracking the source and recipients of all parties involved. The high-level of anonymity provided by Darkcoin is perfect for players of a Bitcoin casino or any other gambling site, especially now that some wallets, Coinbase to be specific, have been reported to be denied of services. The account holders’ participation in online gambling is tagged as the primary reason.

With Darkcoin’s presence growing within the industry, it is starting to become common to find Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks accepting this cryptocurrency.

In fact, Directbet.eu recently announced its support for the altcoin, stating that this move is the result of the expanding interest and demand of its customer base for the said coin. Now, it accepts payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Darkcoin.

Meanwhile, Unicoin Casino and FortuneJack are some of the websites where avid players can bet on a variety of Bitcoin casino games, be it table games, video poker, and of course Bitcoin slots using the crypto Evan Duffield created months ago.

In the event Darkcoin’s transition into the Bitcoin gambling market succeeds, the online betting community will be treated to an improved gambling, faster cash out of winnings, and more security and anonymity.

However, the question is, will these features alone be enough for other Bitcoin casino brands and gambling sites to adopt Darkcoin as one of their accepted cryptos? If so, when will this likely to happen?