WinWSL Charges to the Top Tier with Simple Lottery


Simplicity and innovation help WinWSL stand out on the market. Its basic lottery game that features live draws twice a week possesses a winning trait that makes it comparable to the Bitcoin casino games on modern gambling sites. While this months-old gambling platform is still fighting for its spot in the top favorites of the players, WinWSL’s Ryan Bailey is optimistic that his website will advance in the competition in no time.

How long did it take you to launch your website?

We have been working on World Super Lotto for about a year now and just officially launched about 5 months ago. There was so much learning to do along the way. We had to find out how to properly build this business legally, so we opened a corporation in Costa Rica and we operate out of Costa Rica. Also unlike most online casinos we use an actual ball drawing machine with a live broadcast, so acquiring the machine and getting it to Costa Rica and finding trusty employees was difficult. We also went through a lot of difficulties as all of our algorithms are built custom for us. The whole site is automated and has been through a ton of trial and error. We went through a lot of design concepts. We thought about high tech and modern designs but ultimately since we want this to be a lottery the whole world can play, and our model is that of traditional lotteries. We opted for a classic lottery design, something you might find from a state or national lottery.

If you were to choose the best feature or aspect of WinWSL, what would it be?

What I love most about World Super Lotto is that we took a concept that has been around for decades and has been super popular. Each staff member of WSL is from a different part of the globe and we are all familiar with this style lottery from when we were children.

When I visit many other online bitcoin gambling sites I get very overwhelmed with the complexity of the site, some of them are very brilliant and I applaud the creators. We wanted to make something as SIMPLE as possible. So I think the best thing about the World Super Lotto concept is that we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just took the already successful wheel and adjusted it for a modern need.

WinWSLWhat are the advantages of operating it?

Everyone involved in WSL loves being a part of this, so the advantage of running it is that we get to do something we are passionate about for a living. We really love when our players email us and let us know they are having fun playing and especially watching the live broadcast twice per week. I really enjoy the live broadcast myself; it’s so much fun and gives WSL a personality. We plan on possibly adding on to the broadcast my doing things such as interviews or news reports or comedy skits etc. prior to the drawing, similar to a podcast; this could be a lot of fun. We love to laugh!

How about the challenges that your team went through?

The most surprising challenge has been spreading the word and getting people to come play. It is a constant effort and full time job for multiple staff to spread the word. We don’t have a game that you can come and play and see the results on the spot (but games like this to come). So people come, visit and buy a couple tickets and leave, maybe they forget they even played until they get an email after the drawing letting them know they have won.

Also with all new bitcoin gambling sites trust must be established, this is extremely critical and we have made every effort to gain trust. We have been scrutinized by so many people on forums and chat rooms that are so quick to point a finger and call us scammers. These people have absolutely no reason for saying this. We have never scammed anyone not will we ever. I think now that we are starting to get more press and we have already done 23 drawings with no incidents, people are finally starting to come around.

Would you consider WinWSL as innovative in the modern gambling setting?

I think with us, the beauty is simplicity. We took something that hundreds of millions of people around the globe love to do and made it accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. We took a basic lottery, deregulated it and made one lottery the whole world can enjoy. We don’t operate with silly rules, taxes and fees…  As we love to say, we are lottery for the people, by the people. Imagine the possibility of an enormous jackpot that every country on the globe participated in. When someone wins that huge jackpot, they have an option to remain anonymous and they can do what they would like with their earnings. We pay out right away and do not keep any of your winnings, no taxes, no long term payouts, and no lump sum payment penalties.

How secure is your lottery platform?

We realize that security is crucial and online bitcoin casinos are big targets. We have spent a tremendous amount of time making security as bullet proof as the modern technology allows. We have security everywhere for every login and all transactions.

Majority of the jackpot is kept offline, so even if someone were to be able to find a way to hack into the main account, he would only get a tiny fraction of the available funds. The jackpot is kept offline, on several encrypted drives stored in unnamed safe boxes. Because we have this level of security, we require 24 – 48 hours to pay jackpot winners.

Not only is our backend incredibly secure, but we offer 2FA (two factor authentication) for our users as well so they can keep their own WSL account secure.

How would you handle players suspected of cheating at a game?

It would be really hard for a player to cheat. We are able to see all the tickets purchased, how and when they were purchased and this is backed up daily. So if someone tries to forge a ticket or something of that nature we would know it’s not possible. Just like the regulated state and national lotteries, our system knows who the winners are within minutes of the drawings.

In the nearly impossible case someone were to find a way to cheat they would obviously be banned and we would do our best to expose their true identity and release it publicly as they are not just trying to cheat us, but they would be trying to steal from the public who play WSL. The funds from the jackpot are extremely secure and releasing payment to the winners requires a very complex 5 step system, so even if someone claimed to have won, and it was false, no payment would be made to them.

QuoteAre you planning on expanding any time soon, and are there similar projects in the works?

We want to do one thing really well, so our focus will be this lottery. The lottery itself will expand as it grows. Right now the odds are very good, almost too good to be true, and the truth is they will not always be this good. As WSL and its jackpot become much larger and we hit at least tens of thousands of players with each drawing we will need to make the game harder to win. Of course we want that huge jackpot and when someone wins ideally just 1 or few people will win. As the jackpot grows so will the odds. We will first start by adding more balls to the mix, so instead of 40 balls we might have 45 or 50, then we may choose to add a power ball or something of that nature, we will have to see what our players demand.

Immediate growth is to add some games with instant gratification, maybe something like scratchers or slot machines.

What are your thoughts on gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

There isn’t much to say about gambling laws as they aren’t clearly defined when it comes to Bitcoin and gambling. We make every effort to make sure we operate a legitimate business. We are registered in Costa Rica as an online gambling corporation and we comply with their fees and laws. Costa Rica is considering a special tax just for online gambling and we would be happy to comply if it is implemented. We do not ban anyone from playing World Super Lotto at the moment but we expect our players to abide by the laws of their country and follow their own ethical guidelines.

Finally, what do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more prominent and reliable payment system?

Bitcoin needs growth to become a more prominent form of payment. More of the world needs to be educated about the technology and adapt it into their life. The more people use and accept bitcoin, the less the need to ever use a fiat currency. I would say that 85% of the things I spend money on are purchased directly or indirectly with bitcoin. Most people in the know with cryptocurrency estimate that in the next 2 to 5 years bitcoin will be mainstream. Really it’s all about education, when you look at commerce using regulated fiat currency and highly taxed credit cards VS bitcoin, it’s a no brainer for merchants and customers.

Thank you for your time, Ryan. All the best with WinWSL!