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Are Women Better Poker Players Than Men?

It is without question that poker is a male-dominated card game. This can be traced to the old times when women were stereotypically expected to take care of family and take responsibility for household chores. Men, on the other hand, were freer and were thus more inclined to doing social activities like playing card games and gambling.

At present, women are generally a minority group at poker tables, whether in online or land-based. According to data released by the French Regulation Authority of Online Gaming, 88% of online casino players are males. Such percentage is on par with the ratio of men to women players in brick-and-mortar casino settings.

These premises make it difficult to give an accurate answer to whether who between men or women are better poker players. Added to this is the fact that poker, like Bitcoin dice, is still a game of chance and the idea that any game of chance does not consider gender as a basis for someone’s chance of winning. However, psychology says that bluffing skills and the ability to read nonverbal cues from opponents can give one some leverage at the table.

Reading Body Language

According to a psychological research, women do better in terms of interpreting body language. In addition, dealers in a poker club argue they read men’s bodily movements during games more easily than women’s as females are tighter in manner.

This supports the idea, that generally, female players have better control of their facial expressions and body gestures when they play.

The Catch

All those arguments, though, support only the claim that women are better poker players than men in land-based settings. At physical poker tables or rooms, players see up close their opponents’ reactions while playing.

This does not hold true for online poker where the gamblers, most likely, are faceless. Games are usually done in a manner in which players throw cards from remote places. Definitely, no one, regardless of gender, can leverage on bluffing or on reading body language.

At present, there is still no concrete data to support the claim that gender has to do with one’s odds of winning in poker, more so in online poker. Although it may be true that women read metalanguage more accurately, this can’t be used as an advantage in online games of poker. All this boils down to the idea that it is still luck and know-how of the game, not gender, that will help one win poker or any game of chance.

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