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WonIn Rep Shows Modern Approach to Online Lottery Betting

WonIn serves as a new venue for online lottery enthusiasts as it offers innovative features that run well on a secure platform, which may support altcoins too.


The Bitcoin casino market is bustling with bets, wins, and withdrawals, so much that every type of online bettor will find the right niche to suit his or her gambling style. Even Bitcoin lottery enthusiasts will never have a hard time sustaining their betting needs as more platforms dedicated to this classic game populate the market.

WonIn is one of these brands, and it features a revolutionary concept of having variable ticket pricing along with multiple levels of the game. I spoke with Steven Miller and took notes as he shared great points about WonIn.

Good day, Steven. Can you tell me the best thing about WonIn?

For the players, it is a new twist on lottery style games.  There are better odds to win with larger payouts.  With our white label game, vendors can collaborate with our software development team to customize the game to fit in with their own casino or other gaming platform.

WonIn quoteHow is it new or different from the other brands and games that are already offered in the market?

Our game is unorthodox in nature and will take the gaming community some education about it before it feels comfortable and excited about the game.  The game is versatile in which it could be implemented purely as a lottery game for a country or state, or it could be an instant game at an online casino, or even made in a kiosk for a land-based casino.  The game can be custom-made to fit the vendor’s needs whereas the land-based casinos are a little more rigid.

That’s very interesting, but I’m also curious about the idea behind it. How did it come to life?

Strange beginning- I heard of a fundraiser idea at a youth group conference in which 100 tickets were sold with one ticket being $1, another $2, and so forth up to the $100 ticket.  If all 100 tickets were sold and the people donated the amount on each ticket, then $5050 would be raised.  Several years later I thought of the math idea of having 1000 tickets instead of 100.  Then the math took off!

How long did it take you to launch WonIn since you were fist inspired by the numbers?

It has been 3 years since the first version of WonIn was designed.  It was dormant for a few years and then the past December we started looking at the possibilities again.  In April we got a patent-pending and then early in the summer had the software developed for the white label ‘proof of concept’ demo of the instant game version of WonIn.

WonIn quoteHas it always been designed for Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, though?

Our interest in cryptocurrencies started when we began looking at how we could get our WonIn game in online casinos.  Using cryptocurrencies could be the easiest way to get in the gaming world. We looked at initially opening up an online Bitcoin casino last December.  I had heard of Bitcoin but was very novice to the idea of a cryptocurrency.  We did a lot of research to see if it would be compatible with the game and our company’s long range plans.

And now WonIn will run on Bitcoin. Will other payment methods be accepted as well?

Our game is compatible with any currency and payment options, depending on what game vendors are wanting to use.

I see, but have you considered supporting altcoins like Dogecoin and Litecoin sometime soon?

Most definitely.  Our long term plans include having an online casino with our WonIn game as a centerpiece.  We hope to use altcoins as an accepted currency, if the market warrants it.

Since Bitcoin has provided WonIn an option to enter the online gaming market, what do you think will make Bitcoin a more prominent and reliable form of payment?

I think there needs to be more security in the wallets and cloud systems to protect the consumer.  It sort of reminds me back in the 1800s when banks were robbed by outlaws (I am not that old!).  Banks became more sophisticated and Bitcoin will also have to become more sophisticated for more prominent.  On a larger scale, I think a leading country, like the US, will have to take a favorable stand allowing the Bitcoin currency to run a natural course.

What are your thoughts on the cryptocurrency legal and regulatory issues, as well as online gambling laws?

I think it is a really exciting era in gambling with the progress of cryptocurrencies.  I think the games need to be provably fair in which the gaming vendors are transparent on how the games are played and won.  New gaming companies can look at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a way to run their casinos.  I am waiting to see like the rest of us how countries are going to regulate these types of currencies.  My biggest fear is seeing another Mt. Gox in which people lose a lot of money.

Indeed. Let’s talk about you as the one operating this business. What do you think are the advantages of having such brand in the market?

It is very versatile for the vendor.  There are three versions- pure lottery, instant game, and then pooled games (sort of like entering an American Fantasy Football draft room).  The pure lottery version provides players with a much higher chance of winning a large jackpot. Vendors get to see winning players stay in the game with automatically investing part of their winnings in the next level.  This generates a steady revenue.

If you were to list the greatest accomplishments or the best time you have had while running this business, what are the first few things that come to your mind?

We have made some accomplishments during this past year, but have bigger goals as we move forward.  Getting a patent-pending on the game was huge and then actually seeing the game come to reality with our software developer was mind-numbing.  Also it has been great talking with people literally all over the world in 5 continents about the game.

What aspect of setting up or operating WonIn that surprised and challenged you the most?

It took us a long time to find the right software developer and the right source of funding for it.  Right now we are in our biggest challenge, getting our foot in the door to have serious negotiations to have the game picked up by a vendor or casino to be played by real players.

I understand that this business is not always a smooth ride. How did you manage to overcome the setbacks in the past?

Sometimes it is all about timing.  The game was developed three years ago, but we didn’t get a lot of positive feedback.  So we took 2 and a half years off and then this last December decided to revive the game to see if there would be any interest.  There has been a lot of positive feedback so far and it is a much different ‘season’ for us this time around than 3 years ago.

As we researched the gaming industry, we learned that it is a very hard industry to penetrate.  We knew it would be hard and took some carefully calculated risks along the way that wouldn’t bury us if things didn’t go as planned.  We have a plan ‘B’ in place if we don’t get the game into play soon.

Now that WonIn is up and running once again, what would be your long-term plans for it?

We want the game to be placed in both online and land-based casinos.  Also we want the game to be part of either a state, national, or private lottery.  We want to also someday have our own online Bitcoin casino in which WonIn in the centerpiece game while having the other traditional games available. We have been in talks with the online casinos and some lottery companies.  We need to get the first deal done and then I think the ball will start rolling for us!

I wish you all the best, Steven, and thank you for this opportunity!

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