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XIN Gaming Slots

XIN Gaming is an Asian company quickly making waves in the online gambling market. The company’s name may not be on everyone’s lips right now but it will be getting there.

The company is currently focused on the Asian market and has only made tentative steps into the wider world. This can be considered a wise decision since Asia is one of the biggest online gambling markets out there. China alone can rival the European and American gambling scene when it turns to profit.

XIN Gaming has not been idle, though. The company has been developing games to attract the eyes of many online players. People have been wowed by the graphics and visual design of their previous games. They have continued the tradition and are definitely making a market push with their recent release of six games in close succession. Starting with Candy Quest, XIN Gaming has been on a releasing spree these past few months, adding more new online slots.

Wide variety of themes

The games released by XIN Gaming recently have a wide variety of themes associated with them. First, there is the cutesy Candy Quest. This game’s design evokes the popular Candy Crush game that a lot of people are still addicted to. It may not be that attractive to hardcore gamblers, but for casual players Candy Quest can catch their eye.

New XIN Gaming Slots

Next is the Fantasies slot game. Now this game is sure to get the attention of the male portion of the playing audience. With sexy girls galore, this is eye candy that will be more their speed.

Another game to be added to the XIN Gaming stable is the Monkey King slot. This game is primarily focused on the East Asian market. Based on the Chinese literary classic, A Journey to the West, it has players playing the part of the legendary monkey king battling enemies in his path.

In a similar vein, the Ice Crush slot has players being reminded of a more recent pop culture phenomenon. The movie Ice Age was a hit with all ages and XIN Gaming hopes to leverage that into getting players to go for the game.

Finally, just in time for the UEFA championships, there is the Euro Football Championship slot. It is interesting to have football be the topic of a slot machine game. With the UEFA fever in the air, this is the right time to release this game.

Great graphics and gameplay

All of these games have XIN Gaming’s hallmark of great visual design and gameplay. When players take a look at the games being offered, they will be drawn in by the excellent graphics. This is noticeable in the Monkey King slot game, where the Monkey King is displayed in all his furry glory.

Another example of the great graphics is the beautiful artwork used in the Fantasies slot game. It is not all just looks, though. The XIN Gaming slots have unique features that make them memorable to the player from Monkey King’s fighting game-style bonus round to the penalty shot simulation in the Euro Football Championship slot. These games are well-worth anyone’s time.

XIN Gaming Online Slots

XIN Gaming has already partnered with, and this casino already offers some of titles developed by the game content provider. Joining the Bitcoin slots on board, the XIN gaming games are expected to debut in the world of Bitcoin gambling, and enable the niche players to experience what this company can bring to the table.