YABTCL Prioritizes Transparency, Fairness, and Security


There is no doubt that Bitcoin lottery is making huge waves across the online gaming landscape, so I asked one of the brands that focus on this game—YABTCL.

Short for Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery, this platform is relatively new in the business, but the brains behind it have so much to share.

I had the opportunity to interview one of the three software engineers, who preferred to remain anonymous by the way and who shared their mission to “maximize the confidence of the players allowing themselves to verify the integrity of the results without minimizing the profit returned to them.”

Perhaps one of the aspects that make YABTCL interesting is the idea behind it. Why another lottery site?

We’ve always had doubts about the transparency of lottery draws in our country. We simply have to trust the company that makes the auditing of the draws. So, the idea of a lottery, where anyone can verify the integrity of the results, came to us when one of us was waiting in the line to buy national lottery tickets. He thought that he would play more if he could make the audits himself, and we started brainstorming the details of the first lottery that would allow any person to verify the results.

A provably fair lottery. And that’s the main drive for using Bitcoin?

When the idea of a provably fair lottery came, we were all involved in other projects, so it took about one year to launch YABTCL. Bitcoin showed to us in the end of 2012 when we decided to make a unified donation. We wanted to remain anonymous, so we started looking for ways to do it and one article was describing some ways where one of the options was about Bitcoin. So, we started studying more about this cryptocurrency and, as we are all from the technology field, we fell in love at first sight.

Do you think it will become more stable, though?

Yes, sometime it will stabilize, but I think it will take a considerable time until this happens. I think that the stable price of bitcoin will be around $2000.

Bitcoin is a very reliable form of payment, it just needs more promotion. Gambling is one of the most used forms to spend bitcoin and probably will keep that way since the advent of the provably fair games with lower house edges.

Indeed. Let’s talk more about your brand. In your view, what is the best thing about YABTCL?

The best thing is that it’s a very transparent game, even for the investors. Developing a provably fair lottery in all its details was not that easy but, we did it. No one should worry about us manipulating the results to win the big jackpot or to deceive investors. Our games are cheat proof as we use an unknown future data to generate the results. More precisely, the height and hash of the block generated 1:30 hours after we close the bets.

It’s evident that you prioritize the fairness of the game, but can players expect the same about your platform?

It’s very secure. We have DDoS protection in our live server and we have a hidden server where all the logic is processed and the communication between the servers is done via a secure VPN connection.

You mentioned that you are all in love with Bitcoin (Who wouldn’t, right?). Is there any chance for other digital currencies to be supported on your website?

Our lottery is targeted for BTC users, but we will wait for our lottery to become more known before we accept altcoins. But we’re sure that we do not have plans to accept other types of payments.

What do most of your players say about your brand, and what can you advise other brands that are new in the business?

We are still in the beginning, so they are not talking that much. The good thing is at least we didn’t have negative comments. So, “No news is still good news”. To the newcomers, if you are starting a Bitcoin casino or gambling site, always develop provably fair games, only this way you will be able to prove your integrity to your players.

Very wonderful.  So, what should we watch out for on YABTCL in the years to come? How about more initiations displayed by YABTCL?

We plan to be the most active Bitcoin lottery. Developing more features, having others altcoin lotteries, and having other kinds of games also.

Tell me, do you spend a lot of time in casinos?

Not a lot of time, but enough time to have a lot of fun.

Good one, so what is your favorite Bitcoin casino game? Lottery, perhaps?

We all like Texas Hold’em and Keno!

Great choices! Well, I wish YABTCL much of luck, and thank you for this opportunity.