Year 2016 Perfect For Bitcoin Slot Revolution

Online Slot Revolution

From the classic three-reels to the graphic-intensive designs, online slot games have come a long way. They continue to improve every year and showcase revolutionary features while also adopting innovative technologies that help them keep up with the latest trends and market demands.

With thousands of slots available in online casinos to date, players of all levels and locations are lavished with a wide selection of titles from various game content providers. This, however, does not end here as developers continue to launch new slot games designed to reflect the current state of the online slot revolution.

This year alone, the iGaming market can expect a new wave of slot game releases, some of which were unveiled at the recently concluded ICE Totally Gaming 2016.

NetEnt Slots 2016

Two more brand new slots to ‘rock’

After the much-awaited launch in January, the Guns N Roses slot from NetEnt will be joined by two more slot games that will complete the company’s theme this year: NetEnt Rocks The Tour.

NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson confirmed in ICE that his company will focus on the rock concept this year and revealed the release dates for its newest games.

Guns N Roses slot continues to be warmly received in fiat online casinos, with LimoPlay becoming one of the first casinos to offer the game to the Bitcoin gaming community. The same welcome is expected when the Jimi Hendrix slot becomes available for play on April 21.

Further celebrating the music icons, NetEnt will be releasing its third rock-themed online slot on Sept. 22. Completing the trilogy is the slot game that pays tribute to the English rock band Motörhead.

With the latest set of NetEnt casino games and slots to hit the market, it becomes apparent how the quality of online slot games, together with the level of competition, has improved over time. This marks year 2016 as a pivotal year for slot game developers as both technology and market demand permit more innovations.

ICE Totally Gaming 2016

Not just any other online slots

Other than NetEnt, a number of game content providers and developers have surprise treats for slot game enthusiasts.

Endorphina, which had an amazing entrance in Bitcoin gambling last year, is once again bringing a unique game to the table. Also officially launched in ICE 2016 was the Twerk slot, the latest addition to the list of Endorphina slot games.

Focusing on the worldwide dance phenomenon called twerking, the Twerk slot is a sure hit with the theme alone, and is expected to receive impressive reception as much as Satoshi’s Secret slot from the same company.

Moreover, the distinct in-game features of the new slots serve as the start for a truly modern gaming experience. Colossus Bets debuted in September last year and introduced the partial cashout system, a first for online slot gaming.

More new games will definitely make year 2016 a success for Bitcoin slots. This is true since reputable gaming developers like NetEnt do not rest on their laurels. Instead, they never stop looking for the next biggest hit in online slots. In fact, it could be ‘Jack’s VR World’, NetEnt’s concept for a virtual reality Jack and the Beanstalk slot game.