Yggdrasil’s Valley of Gods Slots Game Boasts 3,125 Lines

The Valley of Gods slots from Yggdrasil sets itself apart from other fiat and Bitcoin slot games. The newest title from the leading game content provider, Valley of Gods slots game offers exciting features that can get beginners and avid players hooked to spinning the reels.

Here are top five reasons players should experience spinning Valley of Gods slots from Yggdrasil in top online casinos.

Re-Spin block removers

Yggdrasil launches Valley of Gods slots

Valley of the Gods slots game has a 5×5 grid and an All-Ways pay line. A good portion of the reels is blocked by stone blockers. The first and fifth reels have four blockers each while the second and fourth have two blockers.

When a player creates a match, he releases scarabs that will clear out the blockers. This will also give him a free spin. If he matches another set of symbols in the free spin, he clears away another set of blockers and gets another spin. If he could not match any symbols, the cleared blockers return to the reels.

3,125 ways to win

At the start of a game, players only have 45 possible pay lines. When every blocker is removed from the reels, the slot offers an incredible number of 3,125 pay lines, although this is still fewer than the 4,096 pay lines of Rainbow Ryan slots from Yggdrasil. This number of pay lines enhances the Re-Spin feature and the Scarab Collection mode.

Scarab Collection mode

When a player clears out all of the blockers, he activates the Scarab Collection mode. All scarabs that come from the matched symbols turn blue or red. Meanwhile, all blue scarabs fly toward the Anubis statue. Every five scarabs collected will increase the score multiplier for the current spin.

Every red scarab collected flies toward the Horus statue. This statue will give players an extra life or one extra spin for every five red scarabs collected.

Scarab Collection acts like Valley of Gods Scatter mode. The difference is how often a player can trigger the mode by creating more matches instead of relying on a Scatter or Bonus symbol. While there are no set amount of free spins, players can easily extend the mode by matching more symbols to collect more red scarabs, thanks to the 3,125 pay lines.


As an Yggdrasil game, Valley of Gods slot game also has a mobile-friendly design. The Spin and Function buttons are shaped in a way that players can easily tap them on their phone or tablet. The game’s HTML5 format makes it compatible with almost any modern mobile devices.

Clean graphics

Yggdrasil games stand out for having the brightest and high-production type graphics. There is even a small 3D video intro when you load the game. What makes this notable is how small the file size of the game is. This allows most players to access the game on mobile devices that are connected to a slow broadband connection.