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You Won’t Believe These Biggest Celebrity Casino Wins

Do you follow celebrities’ lives? Well, you might be surprised to find out that some of them have secret gambling obsessions. And they are good at it, too.

Casinos have known a lot of impressive bitcoin jackpot winners in their time. However, quite few celebrities have won impressive sums of money.

Nonetheless, we took the hard job of selecting a few of them and their winnings for this article.

You might think that they don’t need that extra cash, but the thrill is what makes the game whole, right?

And without hesitation, we are bringing to you the best celebrity casino wins.

Tobey Maguire

Maguire is kind of like the Peter Parker of the gambling world, since his biggest hobby is poker. In addition, Tobey won a whopping sum of 50,000 dollars in a night. The actor also has won 10,000 dollars in a poker tournament.

And even though he had some legal trouble for participating in illegal games, he still is the best gambler in the Marvel universe.

Ashton Kutcher

So, this Hollywood heartbreaker also known for his support for Esports is not only one of the most charming actors, but also, he manages to win college football around 750,000 dollars from sports betting.

Now, that’s impressive!

Jenifer Tilly

Talented, successful, and a big poker star! Now these are some titles to her name, but actually Tilly won 160,000 dollars in the World Series of Poker in 2005.

Allegedly, she was playing against 600 other people and still managed to win the big cash.

Jenifer also participates in various other professional poker tournament and apparently, she never loses her lucky cards.

50 Cent

Betting and gambling are this legend’s soft spots. He can’t help himself but indulge in a bit thrill. Actually, his achievements can be seen around his social medias. For example, he once won 500,000 dollars for betting on an NFC Championship Game and again he won double the amount on a boxing match.

A great rapper with some cloves following him around the gambling world.

Ben Affleck

Another winner on the list is none other than Ben Affleck who loves a bit of casino, as well. He even won around 350,000 dollars in a 2004 poker championship.

Not only is poker one of his vices, but also blackjack. There is a rumor circulating around that once he wagered 60,000 dollars on blackjack and won 800,000 dollars.

Bonus Celebrity

Sean Connery

The year is 1963 and one Sean Connery went to play a bit of crypto roulette in an Italian casino. He started betting on 17 a couple of times and the last one won him 17 million lire. At the time they were worth 160,00 British pounds. This roulette game is just another version of many roulette games you can find in crypto casinos, like fresh roulette, bitcoin roulette, double speed one and more.

And the number is not a coincidence. As it turns out, gamblers think of 17 as a lucky number, so you can try it out on your own. Who knows? Maybe it is. Now that you know about the big celebrity casino wins, it is about time to learn about the top casino scams worldwide to date.

And these are our top picks for some of the best celebrity gamblers out there. Meanwhile, do check out the most bizarre casinos worldwide. If you want to read more amusing articles on, our website has great content on online casinos, eSports betting, and sports betting.

Meanwhile for big BTC casino wins, check out the lucky player who won 6 BTC at mBit Casino, as well as the Dutch player who won 550 mBTC at BetBeard.

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