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Zoom Adds Cryptocurrency Payments via Third-Party Platform

Zoom users can now earn cryptocurrency every time they use Zoom, provided that they use the services offered by 2key’s SmartSession pay wall. How is this beneficial to crypto adoption?

Zoom prides itself on being at the forefront of modern enterprise video communications. Based in California, this American communications technology company boasts over nine years of operation. This makes Zoom a popular video conferencing platform among professionals.

But it was only recently when it became a household name, all thanks to the deadly coronavirus outbreak that had forced everyone to stay indoors. And now, Zoom is getting the attention of the crypto community as cryptocurrency users can now earn coins whenever they use Zoom.

What can you do with Zoom?

Zoom provides various industries, specifically education, finance, government, and healthcare, with their top-notch solutions. These products include the following:

  • Meetings and Chat
  • Rooms and Workspaces
  • Video Webinars
  • App Marketplace

True enough, Zoom has become the staple platform for companies to continue performing tasks. Companies use Zoom to conduct job interviews and hold team meetings during the outbreak, while others simply use it as a means to virtually catch up with friends or colleagues. In fact, organizers of iGaming events made the necessary adjustments of postponing their conferences and expos. Another adjustment they made is to launch virtual webinars online to cater to the iGaming community composed of online casinos, sports betting, marketing, etc.

Because of the solutions it offers, Zoom has become a vital platform for the professional and personal spaces to continue communication with others in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak. And despite the privacy issues that surfaced recently, Zoom remains the primary platform for video conferencing, which now integrates cryptocurrency payments.

How is it beneficial to crypto adoption?

Before anything else, it should be made clear that Zoom per se is yet to accept cryptocurrency, and that earning crypto while using Zoom requires the use of the third-party platform 2key. Despite this fact, this can be seen as the first step that Zoom can take toward crypto adoption.

The 2key SmartSession links allow users to set up a crypto pay wall layer to their video calls on Zoom. This pay wall layer acts a payment channel through which participants can pay cryptocurrency and Zoom users can earn cryptocurrency.

With such crypto integration, those seeking to hold online webinars, courses, and discussions can charge participants in crypto, exposing more individuals to the world of cryptocurrency. At this time, Zoom is the perfect medium that can help boost crypto adoption, and it can be hoped that this leader in modern enterprise video communications will soon fully embrace cryptocurrency.

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