iGaming Asia Congress

iGaming Asia Congress

iGaming Asia Congress by Beacon Events is the leading mobile gaming and online casino event. It gathers members of the gaming industry to talk about tips and strategies that could help in improving their business. The event lasts for two days in which you can enjoy forums, exhibitions, and the social party.

Experts have realized the increase of gamers for the past years and have decided to hold an annual event just to talk about games and innovations. The event gathers well-known online casinos, software and platform companies, and more. Each year, the topics of each forum vary but all ends up in giving strategies and techniques to improve the games. It is a social gathering that you surely do not want to miss.

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What to expect in iGaming Asia Congress?

As the longest-running iGaming event in Asia, this conference covers lottery, sports betting, online casino, and mobile games. It tackles the different game plans, developments, problems, and regulations in the gaming industry. In order to achieve this goal, the event prepared activities for the guests. There is the exhibition area, conference, and social gathering.

Through the exhibition, you can show your services and products to the general audience. You can attract the attention of the experts and they can help you expand your business. If you will show your work, make sure to bring all the products. If you have a Bitcoin casino and you just developed a new Bitcoin poker or Bitcoin dice, show all of it. There will be more than one expert; that is why you need to make sure to remember all their comments and suggestions.

The conference, on the other hand, is like a discussion among investors, game experts, consultants, developers, and more. This will tackle the updates and all the topics needed to be discussed in the gaming industry.

Lastly, the social party will help you connect with the other guests. It is a personal interaction with you and another guest in which both can share your experiences with one another.

How can this event benefit you?

iGaming Asia Congress will give you new insights that could help you boost your business. Other than that, you can meet new personalities that can help you through the industry. The event will also be a great way to advertise your business and let other guests try your products.