Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) was founded in 1992. It is the non-profit organization that focuses on games, gambling, and casinos. This association started to organize events, expos and more similar to Bitcoin conferences that aim to gather the members of the gaming industry and talk about the growth and creation of gaming standards.

The mission of BTAMOGI is to unite Bulgaria with other countries in the gaming industry. This way, there will be more room to create more businesses. The association also aims to support Bulgaria in terms of trade and production of games. Another goal is to make sure that all casinos are legal and approved by the government.  The association also aims to increase the knowledge of each member, not only on marketing but also in ethics.

What do BTAMOGI events cover?

The events that BTAMOGI organizes are forums in which experts sit in front of the guests and talk about trends in the industry. These experts come from companies that are in the best position to talk about the topics. The aim of this forum is to inspire those who just started in the business.

If you want to attend the events, expect that you will not only focus on the market side but also its effect on Bulgaria. All events will talk about Bulgaria first before going to the online games. This is to integrate the mission and goals of the union.

Why attend the events by BTAMOGI?

For gamers, attending these events will help them understand how the industry works. How the developers, owners, and affiliates market their products and services. Gamers can also appreciate how the gaming industry works and maybe be convinced to join the business. Also, the gamers will know the effects of games on them.

For owners, these events are beneficial for them to know the trends. The events will keep them updated on what the clients want. If you are a troubled Bitcoin casino owner, these forums can help you. Experts of the field can comment on how to boost your site, along with your Bitcoin slot or Bitcoin poker. Online casinos that do not accept Bitcoin as a payment can also relate to this.

For developers, regulators, and other members, these events will tackle the whole system of online games, gambling, and casinos. Apart from the trends and tips, these events are also useful because you can learn from other guests as well. There is also a chance for you to create a bond with these guests.

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