Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo 2017

Balkan Entertainment Gaming Expo 2017

Do you want to know the latest updates on the market? Are you looking for qualified partners for your business? Or are you searching for the event in which you can showcase your products? Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo is the right event for you.

This event gathers members of the gaming industry around the world to talk about tech, games, and entertainment. Hotels, casinos, and other businesses related to advertising are also encouraged to attend this yearly expo. As promised, it can update you with the latest trends and strategies. Also, you will meet guests who are willing to create a partnership with you. More so, this is the kind of event that will let you exhibit your work.

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Agenda of Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo

Those who are into the entertainment and gaming industry will find this two-day event more than interesting. You can learn about game designs, cash handling, human resources, and more. You will also find here forums about business and commercial contacts. There will also be updates about vending industries and tourism, as well as gaming entertainment.

Other than the forums, you will see different games in the event; it can be Bitcoin slot, Bitcoin poker, or Bitcoin dice. There are also products that are not Bitcoin-related and more exciting games for you to enjoy. These products are brought by experts to serve as an inspiration for other guests. Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo is also open for you to bring your products and advertise them. Use this opportunity to test your work and maybe you can find qualified clients.

Moreover, as the event gathers the members of the entertainment and gaming industry, it becomes the perfect venue to network with other individuals, groups, or companies. Expect the guest list to include managers, CEOs, founders, and more.

Event Perks

This annual event is also a form of reunion among the members of the industry. Owners, developers, and affiliates can meet up with one another and catch up. There will be a lot of business talks, but these will help in uniting the industry itself. With this, the whole industry will continue to improve.