Eastern European Gaming Summit 2017

Eastern European Gaming Summit

BTAMOGI promised to organize events that will teach you about online games, casinos, and gambling. One of its events is Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) that focuses on the gaming industry in Eastern Europe. Those from US, Russia, Asia, and the rest of Europe can also attend this event because it will tackle the updates in the gaming industry as a whole.

If this is your first time to attend an event by BTAMOGI, expect a whole new level of conferences. There will be forums and open discussions for you. Whichever business that you have, you will be able to relate to all the info given to you. This event is not only limited to members of the gaming industry, but to all who are interested as well.

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What to look forward to in Eastern European Gaming Summit

EEGS is all about gambling, casinos, and online games but it is not limited to Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin slot, and Bitcoin casino free spins are mentioned, other games and casinos are also included in the agenda. As long as the business is part of the gaming industry, expect that you can still relate to the forums.

The topics of each forum depend on the trend of the year. It could be about technology, esports, online bets, and more. Each topic has a connection to the effect of the gaming industry in Europe and Bulgaria. After each forum, there will be an open discussion for the guests to voice out their opinions. The debates can help expand the topic and get to know different sides of the guests.

Moreover, through this event, you will be able to meet CEOs, operators, and more who can help you boost your products. The opinions of these experts can educate you about your previous and upcoming products.

Benefits of Eastern European Gaming Summit

The goal of this event is to teach the guests about the gaming industry and to give updates. This is important because of the industry’s competitive nature. In order to stay in the industry, you must have a new upgrade or feature that can make your clients stay or attract more users. With technology’s evolution, it is possible for developers to create more games that can capture the attention of users.

Moreover, the event is not only limited to games or casinos, but also the effect of these on the society. The event will also tackle how the gaming industry affects Bulgaria and Europe. It is the kind of event that you will not dare to miss.