Events organized by Faunus aim to help businesses improve their advertising and marketing strategies. Know more about this affiliate network here.

Faunus Affiliate Network is a company with headquarters located in Prague, Czech Republic. With its goal of becoming the ultimate affiliate network, it provides online marketing services that aim to boost traffic to its clients’ businesses. Some of the services it offers include application programming interface (API), email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. With the growth of cryptocurrencies, Faunus has expanded its offers to include hosting seminars and conferences related to affiliate marketing with crypto.

In events hosted by Faunus Affiliate Network, participants will learn how to improve their businesses through advertising and marketing. Top names in the industry serve as speakers to share best practices on boosting brand recognition and on retaining clients. There will also be discussions on the latest trends in the advertising sector, especially those that involve digital marketing.

Meanwhile, crypto-related conferences organized by Faunus delve into using affiliate marketing to promote blockchain products. Attendees can look forward to having blockchain experts spearhead panel discussions and debates related to their areas of expertise. There will also be expo floors that display products of businesses, especially budding startups. These events culminate in a networking night that lets participants interact with each other in a more informal setting.



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