Moscow Affiliate Conference

moscow affiliate conference

Another Bitcoin conference that can help you learn about marketing is Moscow Affiliate Conference. Leadbit, along with STM, organizes this event with the aim to gather members of the finance industry.

This event does not only focus on the forums where you can learn about marketing facts and trends. Instead, you can also mingle with other guests during the hosted social parties. These activities are important especially because guests come from different parts of the world to attend this annual event.

You can expect that this affiliate conference will be huge with hundreds of guests. Even successful businessmen attend this event to be updated and to meet new investors. Not only those, even CEOs and developers are invited. If you want to learn more strategies to survive this industry, attend this event.


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What to expect in Moscow Affiliate Conference?

The venue of the event will be huge because there are a lot of activities for you. There will be a conference hall, exhibitor storage, charging station, lounge, stage, diamond room, meet market, stands, and catering.

All forums will take place in the conference room. Expect that the topics will be about marketing and business. You will learn how to boost your product. At the same time, you can know which products to invest in. The experts will also teach you how to attract different clients.

More so, there will be an exhibition area in which you can show your product to all the guests. This will be a great chance for you to debut your work and showcase it to the other attendees.

Other than that, there is also a panel discussion for guests to interact with the speaker. The two parties can comment on the topics and expand each other’s knowledge. The speakers can also advertise their business and gain more clients. There are also instances when the guest and the speaker create a partnership for an upcoming project.

Further, the event provides you with delicious food and drinks. You can relax and enjoy as you learn more insights. The last part of the event is the after party, in which guests can enjoy drinks and music.

Why attend Moscow Affiliate Conference?

Compared with other conferences, this event offers features that can attract guests. If you are not fluent in English, the event offers a multilingual broadcast. There will also be meet-up and lounge areas for all guests.

You can expect that most of the guests come from international affiliate networks. Therefore, you will not only meet regular individuals, but also top affiliates. You will meet Bitcoin casino owners, Bitcoin slot or Bitcoin dice developers, and more.