Betting on Sports

Betting on Sports

Betting on Sports is the largest conference that tackles the sports betting industry. This conference by SBC Events promises you to experience tons of business opportunities, limitless networking, and exceptional hospitality.

This SBC Events conference focuses on sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Darts, Racing, and more, as well as on betting on these sport events. It lasts for three days during which you can listen to successful speakers. There is also a portion when the attendees can ask questions to the speakers and start an engaging conversation. Betting on Sports is a must-attend event for everyone in the sports betting industry.

Top Betting on Sports conferences

  • Betting on Sports 2017

What is in store for you?

Betting on Sports does not just invite anyone to become its speakers. Instead, it ensures that it has a roster of successful and well-known speakers who are experts in the sports betting industry. These speakers will not only talk about themselves, but also about relevant topics, such as game development, customer acquisition, live betting, and new market strategies. Each year, the topics change, depending on the trend. But surely, the conference will tackle all issues related to the industry.

Apart from the forums, there is also an exhibition. This part of Betting on Sports is when some speakers show off and explain their work. This is the time for you and other guests to ask questions. You will be exposed to how these experts create unique features, like a Bitcoin casino no deposit offer. You will also learn to explore new concepts to your games. The speakers will share the secrets behind their success.

There will also be a portion for networking. After all, most of the members of the industry is already there, why not make a connection with them? This will help you in case you experience problems or they can suggest ideas to improve your business. Creating a useful network can benefit both parties.

What will you gain from Betting on Sports?

Other than new partners and fresh knowledge about the industry, Betting on Sports will also help you in getting the latest updates. You will know which Bitcoin casino is leading, which online sports is popularly played, and more. Although you can know these through a Bitcoin casino review, but being in the same place with the rest of the members of the sports betting community will help you gain more. This event will bring you closer to the sports betting industry more than you can imagine.