eSports is a competition or tournament in the form of video games. With the increase of eSports players, there are more and more developers of this kind of game. Through eSPORTconf by Smile-Expo, investors, clients, affiliates, and even gamers can gather in one event to talk about the updates in the gaming industry.

The conference was created to spread awareness about eSports and other games. This event aims to create a strong business platform for the clients. The forums will also help the members of the industry to make the right calculations for their businesses. There will also be discussions and proposals for you to boost your business. If you are still doubtful about joining this industry, the event can help you decide as well. This event is open for IT developers, founders, owners, investors, and more.

Top eSPORTconf events

  • eSPORTconf 2017
  • eSPORTconf 2018

What happens in eSPORTconf?

To achieve the goal of the event, the topics of each forum are thoroughly researched and well thought of. There will be topics about investment, earnings, prospects, statistics, and more. The speakers will even explain what an eSport is. You will know the difference of this game from others and understand why it is popular now. The speakers will also tell you about your target market for you to prepare the best strategies to attract them.

After the conferences, there is also a demozone in which you can advertise your product. You can also let the guests try your work. This can help you get immediate response from your target market. You can also hear out their suggestions. Through this activity, you can also find partners and investors. The demozone will also help you know your competitors; make sure to know your strength and weakness compared with other businesses.

What will this event benefit you?

eSPORTconf is beneficial for those who are planning to have their business related to this industry. The event will help you from creating an idea to officially launching your game. There will be different strategies from experts that can help you.

Also, the experiences of these speakers will inspire you to push yourself more. If you have problems with your business, the event will give you the best solutions. The event also allows you to be a speaker or a sponsor. To know more about Bitcoin conferences, Bitcoin casino, Bitcoin casino reviews, and more games, visit Best Bitcoin Casino site.