Riga Gaming Congress

Riga Gaming CongressRiga Gaming Congress by Smile-Expo brings together key iGaming industry players. It is set in Latvia and will give the country’s iGaming sector a big boost as global experts grace the one-day event. This congress focuses on the development of land-based and online casinos. It also includes bookmaking, esports, and fantasy sports. On top of these, you will also find topics about blockchain tech, augmented reality, and virtual reality in this event.

About Riga Gaming Congress

Global companies bring their latest works to Riga Gaming Congress. You will see the newest slot cabinets, virtual head gear, payment options, and Bitcoin slot games on the exhibit floor. Many of these works are playable to give you a first-hand experience of the games.

Makers of fiat and Bitcoin poker, blackjack, and other casino games will have a good portion of its library on the floor. Riga Gaming Congress is a good way to personally pick games, payment systems, and other software to add to your casino.

Another reason why you should check Riga Gaming Congress is the speaker’s presentations. Expert casino operators will take the center stage and will share their thoughts about running an offline and online casino. They can give you important points in running an online casino. This includes which payment options to use and how to strike a good balance in promos like Bitcoin casino bonus offers. You can also expect speakers who can show the current trends in the online gambling scene.

There is also a good chance of forming a strong network of people working in the gambling market. You can bump into suppliers, programmers, lawyers, and affiliate partners. Most of these people might matter to your casino or work in the future. The event will give you many chances to easily connect with others.

Smile-Expo organizes Riga Gaming Congress

Smile-Expo is organizes international events. It has over 11 years in the business and aims to spread the interest in the latest tech across many sectors. And the first Riga Gaming Congress in 2017 is one of the events through which Smile-Expo achieves its goal.

With this company at the helm, you can expect that Riga Gaming Congress will feature activities and zones that will serve as the highlights of the event. Expect to find new products in the demo zone or gain new insights from the conference. The first edition of the event features a list of industry experts as the conference speakers.

If you go to this event, you will learn many things about the gaming sectors. You will also get to meet other operators, as well as have the chance to speak with industry experts. These are the reasons why you should not miss the chance to go to this event. Fly to Riga and you will surely gain a better understanding of how the gaming sectors work. Never miss out on this opportunity, so mark your calendar and save the date for this event.