Russian Affiliate Congress

Russian Affiliate Congress

Russian Affiliate Congress is an event that gathers affiliates, owners, advertisers, bloggers, traffic managers, and more. It is a two-day event organized by Smile-Expo and it has three sections: webmasters, advertisers, and mobile & traffic. Other than the conferences, there will also be an exhibition area for guests. This annual event is also open for those who have just joined the industry.

Experts from around the world go to this event to be updated with the latest upgrades in the industry. Russian Affiliate Congress will also serve as a marketplace for those who wish to sell and buy products. It will also help those who wanted to advertise their works. Moreover, it can help you find your potential partner for your next project. If you want to attend this event, go to its website and register.

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What happens in the congress by Smile-Expo?

The conferences for each section have topics that can help you and other attendees. Experts will share new insights and experiences. In return, you can ask questions to elaborate some topics. The interactive conversation will help not only you and the speaker, but also the rest of the attendees. You will also learn about new techniques to boost your business.

Other than that, the exhibition will also be useful. You will be able to test your products and services on your target market. You will also get suggestions and criticisms from your fellow guests. With this, you can check your competitors and at the same time, build contacts that can help you in the future.

Why attend this event?

Russian Affiliate Congress will not only expand your knowledge and skills for your business, but you can also increase your business values. Not only that, your business will also be known to other members of the industry.  If you have just started your Bitcoin casino, you can ask the opinions of other guests on how to improve your Bitcoin dice or Bitcoin poker. The event is also open to other online games and businesses.

Lastly, if you think you have techniques that you can teach others, do not hesitate and be a speaker. You can also be an exhibitor and have your own stand at the event. This Smile-Expo-sponsored event also invites media people to attend and spread the current status of the industry.