Summit of iGaming Malta

Summit of iGaming Malta

New insights, strategies, and trends are what Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) will give you once you attend this event. It is one of the biggest Bitcoin conferences that happen yearly for four days. Expect that you will not only learn, but you will have fun as well.

The event started in 2014 with the aim of gathering the members of the gaming industry. After its success, the event happened again in the upcoming years. With its popularity, investors, businessmen, developers, and even those who just started in the industry are making sure that they attend this event. What is more interesting is that the guests are not only locals, but there are foreign investors that go through their way just to attend SiGMA. Find out why you should attend this event.

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Summit of iGaming Malta’s program

Just like normal conferences, there will be different classes that will teach you about the strategies that you can use for Bitcoin dice, Bitcoin poker, Bitcoin slot, and even other online games. You will be given a chance to attend different courses that can improve your business.

However, you should expect that it is not all about talks and debates, since SiGMA is about the gaming industry, there will also be tournaments for you to enjoy. You will be able to have a friendly competition with other guests. This activity will not only test the work of other guests but will also give you a chance to bond.

If the games are not enough, SiGMA also prepared dinner parties that you should not miss. There will be networking drinks and even a cruise. All of these are prepared just for you. That is why it would be a waste if you miss even one single day of this event.

Benefits that Summit of iGaming Malta can give you

SiGMA can be expensive since for each activity there is a different cost; but you can make the most out of it. Do you think that the members of the gaming industry will attend this event if it does not benefit them? This event became popular because of the knowledge that it shares to its guests.

Moreover, through the years, SiGMA has proven that its strategies are effective. This is also the reason why there are even guests who make sure that that they attend this event yearly. It will give you an opportunity to learn more and adjust to your community.

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