BlockchainBlockchain is one of the top Bitcoin wallets and is one of the payment methods that you can use in any Bitcoin sportsbook, poker rooms, casinos, and many more.

But other than providing wallet and payment functions, it also offers other services to anyone interested in investing or trading Bitcoin. This includes a market chart on the digital money among others.

Features of

This online wallet is one of the most used wallets across the globe. Blockchain handles more than 200,000 Bitcoin transactions in just one day. There are more than 14 million wallets that are active, and Blockchain has wallet owners across more than 140 countries.

Blockchain supports more than 20 different currencies, as well. This includes major ones, such as the US dollar and Russian ruble. It also allows more than 25 languages for different wallet owners around the globe.

Wallet owners are not tied down to just their computer. Thanks to the mobile app, you can take your digital wallet on the go by connecting it to your online wallet. This is useful if you want to purchase items from a real-world shop that accepts Bitcoin.’s three-level security

On another note, the digital wallet offers three security levels that will help you protect your account. The first level is the use of a backup recover phrase and password hints if you lose your password as well as lose access to your wallet.

The second security level will let you set a two-step factor to your account.  You can have your wallet require a second password to open it. The password is sent to a designated phone number only. This feature is very useful against any criminals who might discover your password or has found a way to go through the first level of security.

The third security level will stop anyone with an IP address through the Tor network. The Tor network hides a user’s IP address to make them hard to track down which makes them an essential tool for hackers. Turning this security on will help you discourage most hackers.

Opening and using the Bitcoin wallet

Creating a new Bitcoin wallet is as simple as entering a valid email and password. You will receive your wallet ID in your email. With your Blockchain wallet, you can buy Bitcoin via popular exchanges and send it to various Bitcoin casinos that accept them. From there, you can take your shot at Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin blackjack, and much more to increase your digital money.