Playing games using cryptocurrency from your blockchain wallet is fast and easy. If you’ve previously used crypto to pay for coffee, chances are you won’t have hard time playing games with a blockchain wallet

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How to Play Games With a Blockchain Wallet

Playing games using cryptocurrency from your blockchain wallet is fast and easy. If you’ve previously used crypto to pay for coffee, chances are you won’t have hard time playing games with a blockchain wallet. But to make sure you’re on the right track, follow these steps:

Step #1: Choose your blockchain wallet.

Your exciting adventure to blockchain gaming starts with choosing your wallet. When you choose a blockchain wallet, you have to consider two things: convenience and security. 

For convenience, you’d have to go with a web wallet or a mobile wallet. Since you can access these types of wallet on any browser or on your smartphone, you should be able to make transactions anytime, anywhere. This means you can easily transfer crypto to your casino account and start playing games. 

For security, you’d have to go with a hardware wallet. This type of blockchain wallet is offline, which means the risks of it getting hacked are minimal. In return, a hardware wallet is perfect to store cryptocurrencies you simply don’t have to use.

With this, you’re better off using a web or mobile wallet for gaming, and a hardware wallet for storing the rest of your crypto. And now that’s settled, you can now buy cryptocurrency for your bankroll. 

Step #2: Sign up with a crypto casino. 

When it comes to choosing casinos, go with those that accept cryptocurrency. It’s easy to find crypto casinos nowadays ever since online casino operators have realized the power of crypto gambling. In fact, many fiat casinos have already integrated crypto payments into their systems.

But for you to fully experience the wonders of playing casino games with a blockchain wallet, you’re better off choosing blockchain casinos. Also called decentralized casinos, these gambling sites are starting to populate the crypto iGaming scene. With the rise of blockchain casinos, not only can you use Bitcoin and other crypto, but you can also play provably fair games.

Step #3: Play provably fair games. 

Before you can play games, you’d have to first fund your account. Using your blockchain wallet, simply transfer crypto from your wallet to the wallet address given by the casino. Once done, you can start enjoying the crypto games on board. But what’s unique about crypto gambling is that you can play games built on the blockchain network and therefore gives you the ability to verify their fairness.

Provably fair gaming relies on blockchain technology. Many crypto casinos now offer provably fair games and these are normally in-house games. But a couple game providers, namely BGaming and Spribe, have already integrated provable fairness into their games. With a blockchain wallet, you can use cryptocurrency and ensure that every single game results is fair.

Benefits of Playing With Blockchain Wallet

Using a crypto or blockchain wallet comes with several advantages. Here are different ways you can benefit from using a blockchain wallet in online crypto casinos.

Receive payments within minutes.

It’s not a secret that you’d have to wait several days before you receive your cashouts in fiat money. This won’t happen if you’re withdrawing from a blockchain casino. You are guaranteed to receive your withdrawals much faster than you would when you use payment methods other than through cryptocurrency. The only factor that you’d have to consider is network traffic. Because of this, you may receive your payments within minutes, in a few hours or within the day.

Keep your info and crypto secured.

Security and privacy are two important aspects involved in online gambling. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about these that much when you use a blockchain wallet. When using cryptocurrency, you don’t reveal your personal details for each transaction. Only your wallet address is revealed and recorded on the blockchain. In turn, third-party companies will have a difficult time stealing your information. At the same time, depending on the security of your wallet, your crypto are stored securely especially if you store most of them in a hardware wallet. 

Monitor all transactions.

While it’s not common to simply keep tabs on all the transactions you’ve made in a casino, it’s good to know that you can do this in blockchain casinos. Transparency is one of the key selling points of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In crypto gambling, you’re assured of transparency, too. Decentralized casinos keep a record of each of your bets, all of which are also recorded on the blockchain.

What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games are online games that use elements powered by blockchain technologies. These games are also called dApps or decentralized apps, because after all, they do not operate in a central controlled server. Instead, blockchain games have their assets and goods are distributed and owned by players through non-fungible tokens or NFTs. 

Unique to blockchain games are two things: tokenomics and decentralization. With tokenomics, game creators use tokens to incentivize the games and create assets that fuel blockchain games. Decentralization, on the other hand, means that neither the players nor the operators have control over every single outcome of the game. This therefore promotes transparency and highlights fairness.

One of the popular blockchain games is CryptoKitties, which was developed by Dapper Labs. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and features various CryptoKitties. Every single on of the CryptoKitties is an NFT. This means that owners can collect them, breed, and later on sell them. Similar to this is CryptoPets, which also allows players to collect train, and trade their digital pets or creatures. 

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