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CoinGate is one of the payment channels used by different kinds of merchants in over 100 countries. It went live in 2015 with a mission to grow adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. As a result, it offers a dependable setup that caters to the needs of both vendors and their customers.

As a casino gamer, you might not encounter CoinGate as one of the banking methods in your online gaming hub. Still, this payment gateway is one of the popular choices by merchants who accept crypto payments. Moreover, you can use CoinGate to trade crypto for fiat or other coins. Read on to know more about this payment channel.

3 Benefits of Using CoinGate

CoinGate works for both online vendors and traders alike, enhancing the many advantages Bitcoin has for their needs.

1| Fast and Seamless Payment Integration

One problem merchants have is that they have to go through hurdles to receive crypto payments from their customers. Thanks to CoinGate’s user-friendly platform, they can automatically receive the sale directly to their accounts. The best part is that the payment processor will charge merchants with only a 1% processing fee.

On the customer’s side, this fast payment integration works to their advantage as well. Casino gamers can start playing right away after topping up their account. And with minimal fees on the vendors’ side, players do not need to shell out high minimum deposit amounts to play in a CoinGate-powered casino.

2| Instant Currency Conversion

Most merchants are still fiat-based, and they have to deal with exchanging crypto to fiat. This would require them to go to a trading site where they have to pay high trading fees. But by using CoinGate, they can automatically exchange their digital currencies for either EUR or USD.

3| Real-Time Price Updates

CoinGate shows crypto price updates in real time over multiple exchange platform. Once you request for an exchange, the payment gateway chooses the best price. This means that vendors and traders have to pay only as little as possible to convert their chosen currency.

Using CoinGate to Trade Crypto

If you want to trade your bitcoins for fiat or other crypto coins, CoinGate is a perfect choice for you. You do not need to create an account in order to buy and sell coins. Plus, the payment gateway seamlessly checks out your transaction with only a quick Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

To start, simply pick a currency and amount. You can buy BTC, LTC, ETH, or BCH for as low as US$50 and as high as US$20,000. After that, you will proceed to checkout where you can pay using Neteller, Skrill, or Mastercard. You then have to pass a quick verification process, after which you will receive your coins within an hour.

As a trader, you will be charged with a low 3% buying and selling fee. Keep in mind that you will be charged with additional fees, depending on your payment method.

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