Ikajo is every merchant’s best friend. It helps merchants to accept payments in various currencies and methods, helping them to grow and be successful.

Ikajo International: Providing A Safe Way to Accept Payments

Ikajo International is every merchant’s best friend. It helps merchants from across the world to accept payments in various currencies and methods, enabling businesses to grow and be successful. This merchant service provider is a key player in the industry, and is one of the known names today. With over 16 years of experience, Ikajo is an established fintech company that truly makes every business owner’s lives much easier.

Servicing more than 130 countries, Ikajo International is dedicated to providing stable and secure payment services to merchants worldwide from various industries, including online dating, gambling, CBD, and advertising. Since its founding in 2003, it has expanded its reach and has indeed set up offices Europe, Asia, and South America.

Core Services Offered by Ikajo

Ikajo International is known for its cutting-edge services, and these include the following:

Anti-fraud tools

Merchants no longer have to worry about fraud and chargeback issues as Ikajo’s solutions are designed to ensure better security and stability. This means the anti-fraud tools on board guarantee decreased chargeback ratio, as well as detects and prevents fraud.

Payments worldwide

Ikajo empowers merchants by giving them access to over 100 payment methods that are recognized and legal in the countries they support. With Ikajo, merchants can accept payments for their products and services through credit cards mobile payments, and e-wallets, among others. Even better is that Ikajo’s solutions support more than 100 currencies for pay-ins and pay-outs, making merchants’ payment options extremely flexible. Acquiring network of more than 60 banks also positions Ikajo at the forefront of payment service innovation.

Smart routing

Ikajo International promises decreased decline ration and multiple MIDs. Its solutions also ensure that payments going through their system experience nothing but a smooth traffic performance.

Advanced analytics

Merchants on board the Ikajo system can also maximize the advanced analytics tools that Ikajo offers them. This includes real-time monitoring and customizable reporting system. Business owners and operators can also gather information on customer behavior, unlocking data that can truly help in the growth of their businesses.


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