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SpectroCoin is an ideal payment channel for crypto-gaming. It is a crypto exchange that also offers wallet services. This means you can buy or sell crypto coins on this exchange and, at the same time, store your coins on its offered wallet. You can use this wallet to send or receive crypto coins easily through mobile or desktop.Thanks to its instant and reliable features, SpectroCoin is one of the top channels for safe online casino transactions.

Signing Up with SpectroCoin

One of the perks in signing up with this exchange is its hassle-free registration process. You simply need to key in your email address and a password. Note that SpectroCoin follows a two-factor authentication system. This means you have to confirm your profile though your email. Afterward, your account is ready.

You can choose whether to verify your account first or not before you can use these options. Doing the former option will give you a higher cash out limit. If you choose to verify your account, simply key in your personal details, like name, date of birth, phone number, and more. You also need to send a copy of your national identity card if you are residing in EU. Otherwise, you will be required to upload a copy of your passport.

Funding Your Player Account Through SpectroCoin

Now that you have created your SpectroCoin account, your next move is to top up your account. You will need these funds to buy cryptos, which you will use in funding your player account. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1. Load Up Your SpectroCoin Wallet

This exchange lets you load up your wallet in different ways. If you are residing in Europe, you can use your local bank transfer using SEPA. If not, you can deposit money using e-wallets, cards, or transfers.  Some of the popular options are Visa, Skrill, SOFORT, and more. Keep in mind that additional charges may apply to your chosen option. For instance, Visa charges 5.50 % while Skrill requires 3.50%.

Step 2. Buy Your Coins

After loading up your wallet, you can now buy your coins. Go to the Exchange section of the site then enter the amount of money you will use to buy cryptos. Select the currency you want to buy and click Submit. At this point, your coins will reflect to your wallet.

Step 3. Fund Your Online Casino Account

Using your cryptos for online gaming is easy. Simply choose an online betting site that accepts SpectroCoin and sign up. Go to the cashier section and select the wallet as your fund source. Then, link your wallet to your player account by providing your wallet address. One your coins reflect to your player account, you can place your bets and play.

Advantages of Choosing SpectroCoin For Your Transactions

Betting online using cryptocurrency comes with appealing perks. Here is what you must look forward when you choose SpectroCoin in funding your online casino accounts.

Supports Multiple Currencies

This wallet accepts a long list of traditional and digital money. Thanks to this, you get to enjoy smoother transactions. You can buy, send, and receive coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DASH. What is even better is you can buy these coins using a wide range of traditional money. These include USD, EUR, JPY, RUB, and more.

Features Strict Safety Measures

SpectroCoin puts your safety as its priority. Thanks to its top-notch authentication ways, you can ensure that only you can access your wallet.

Offers Convenient Transactions

By using this wallet, you can easily buy, spend, or transfer your coins. Plus, it also offer a mobile wallet, which lets you have flexible transactions wherever you go. Simply download the on your phone and make transaction wherever you go.

SpectroCoin is supported by over 150 countries around the world. With its convenient features, this wallet poses as one of the most recommended payment channels for crypto-gaming.

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