SpectrocoinSpectrocoin is everything you need when playing in Bitcoin casinos. This is also one of the cryptocurrency payment methods that let you use the digital currency in casinos that only take in credit and debit cards.

Spectrocoin offers many services that make it easy for you to get the funds you need to play Bitcoin slot, poker, and more. This includes the option to buy and sell the digital money.

Spectrocoin services

Spectrocoin is an online Bitcoin wallet that gives you a place to store your digital money. The wallet is where you can send in your winnings from a casino like Tonybet. It is also where your coins will be coming from when you make a deposit in a gambling site.

One useful service of Spectrocoin is its exchange. The website will let you buy or sell your digital coins. This is useful if you plan on playing in a casino with Bitcoin. Another way you can use this service is to turn your digital currency into fiat and cash it out to your actual wallet in the real world.

Sending and receiving money from the website is incredibly easy. The site takes in credit cards, bank transfer, and credit cards. These many payment options will make it more accessible to send in your money to buy Bitcoin or to cash your digital currency into fiat.

You have full control of your digital wallet wherever you go. This is thanks to the mobile wallet of the website. The wallet works with almost any smart phones or tablets. You can easily make a deposit in a mobile casino while riding a bus or are far away from your home computer.

Bitcoin debit card

Spectrocoin is offering a unique Bitcoin debit card. The card will let you buy things in shops that accept the debit card with the digital currency. You also have the option of picking a virtual or a physical card. The physical card allows you to use your digital currency in real world shops that take in debit cards. You can even use the card on more than 30 million ATMs to withdraw fiat money.

The best benefit of the Spectrocoin debit card is the possibility that is available for you. You can use the card in online casinos or gambling sites that do not accept the digital currency. The card supports US dollars, euro, and British pounds. This gives you more casino options for different countries.