AI Malta Summit – A Hit with Attendees

16 July 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa – Eventus International’s first-ever Artificial Intelligence Summit was held at the prestigious Le Meridien in St.Julian’s Hotel and Spa last week. In order to answer questions, provide foresight and discuss their experiences within the highly complex field of artificial intelligence, the event united a number of high-level researchers, innovators, technicians, roboticists, and regulators.

If you missed it then you truly missed out! To share all the fantastic ideas and perspectives showcased at the summit, we have prepared a summary of the conference proceedings for those not in attendance.

By 8am on the first day, the registration desk was abuzz with activity. Attendees and speakers collected their passes and headed into the event area, where coffee and biscuits complemented participant discussion. Duncan Ray, head of customer success at, chaired the event, his opening remarks pumping up the audience for the two-day proceedings.

Andrew Bonello (Hollywood Visual effects legend and Founder) offered a brief history of Artificial Intelligence, building up to the current level of complex tasks that AI can accomplish. Bonello drew parallels between nature and AI, and provided key examples of AI being employed to ease everyday life – such as driverless vehicles.

The man behind the astounding work of Smart Studios, Johan Zammit, told us about how his company uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to help gather data and strategize effectively. After a brief introduction, ‘Should AI Be Regulated’ was well underway. The panel, comprised of esteemed figures such as Dr. Angelo Dalli, Mario Mallia Milanes, Stefan Buttigieg and Olga Finkel, discussed the future of regulation of AI, particularly what should be regulated and how not to stunt innovation with regulation. Most fascinating were responses to “Who is responsible when AI goes wrong?” which unfortunately cannot be elaborated on here.

Deep Learning is one of the areas in AI quickly bridging science fiction and science fact. After a brief networking coffee break, Dr. Peter Morgan, founder and CEO of Deep Learning Partnership, discussed concepts such as deep learning. Dr. Morgan drew parallels between the human and machine brain, and respective decision-processing capability. After Google’s ‘Deepmind AI’ defeated the world’s best Go player (The world’s most complex game with more move variations than there are grains of sand on Earth) in 2016, presentations like these provide a greater understanding of deep learning, and how it functions.

Various other hard-hitting topics were covered over the first day, providing the audience with experiences across different sectors, fields, and societal issues. These ranged from humanity’s future to AI iGaming applications. AI in Healthcare was discussed by Stefan Buttigieg of Health 2.0, sharing his role in making Healthcare smarter and more effective.

Overall conference feedback was extremely positive, certainly living up to Eventus International’s ethos: “We connect leaders with leaders, and turn opportunity into possibility” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

“A truly remarkable experience for both proficient speakers, as well as for those who are starting to get their hands dirty in the multi-faceted topic of Artificial Intelligence. The speakers were highly knowledgeable about the subject. They provided the information in an easy-to-understand manner and offered themselves for queries after their speeches. I highly recommend participating in such events because they offer a great benefit for the listener and an opportunity for speakers to express their knowledge” – Brian Pace, Independent AI Expert

“Great speakers. It was interesting to hear different perspectives on many aspects of AI” – Dr. Vincent Vella, CTO/ COO, Computime Software

“The conference was an insightful exchange of ideas and opinions” – Mario Mallia-Milanes, Project leader, Malta Information Technology Agency

“Thanks for organising what was a great conference. I had a great time on the lovely island of Malta and it was a great chance to learn about applications of AI across different industry sectors. I was really impressed by the quality of speakers at the event, and it provided an excellent opportunity to network with some pretty amazing AI entrepreneurs.” – Dr. Peter Morgan, Founder and CEO, Deep Learning Partnership

“An insightful event, with great networking opportunities and food for thought” – Stefan Buttigieg, Co-Founder, Health 2.0

“The first AI Malta Summit was a great event, giving the opportunity for the participants to discuss the latest advancements in AI, both at a high level (regulatory aspects, ethics, benefits) as well as at a more technical level (deep learning, neuromorphic computing, amongst others). With a great mixture of participants, coming from industry, start-up founders, academics, and various other practitioners of AI, the AI Malta Summit was an ideal venue for networking” – Mark Borg, Lecturer, Middlesex University Malta

“I think it was a really good conference and it was great to have Malta’s best AI brains gathered in the same room and openly discussing practical things which can be improved using AI. The foreign speakers were great too. It was nice to be able to have a chat with them & discuss things which we are working on together” – Daniel Grech, Self Employed, AI Consultant

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Eventus International’s next BIG AI Event: Artificial Intelligence Dubai 2019

28-29 May 2019

Dubai, UAE

AI Dubai seeks to build upon the ideas discussed at Artificial Intelligence Malta, and give insight into technological advancements happening in the Jewel of the Arab Emirates – Dubai. While the agenda is still under construction, please contact Jordan Crossley, Conference Producer, Eventus International, if you would like to lead a discussion.

Jordan Crossley

Conference Producer

Eventus International


Phone: +27741773447

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