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All Coin Casino Review

All Coin Casino: An Inactive Casino?

All Coin Casino, owned by Lyvegame, has certainly seen better days. There is only one game to play, the website design looks dated, and if you checked the Today’s Statistics on the homepage, you will see hardly anyone plays. There is no sportsbook page, nor is there a dedicated promotions section. With these shortcomings, should you still create an account? Read this in-depth review to find out.

Platform Provider

No platform provider set.

Game Software Provider

No software provider set.


Bonuses and Promotions

Most online casinos use bonus rewards to encourage you to register. In the case of All Coin Casino, though, you may be disappointed, especially if you love Bitcoin casino bonuses. There are no incentives given when you make a deposit on this betting site, nor are there any reload rewards. On the casino’s part, this is a wasted chance to get more bettors to stay and play.

Games and Software

All Coin Casino offers only live roulette and no other game. If you love slots, jackpots, or video poker games from providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, you might be tempted to skip this betting site. But this is a good casino if you want to play live roulette as this betting site gives free credits. This game gives you a few minutes to place your bets while a live video of the roulette game plays.

Playing a few rounds of roulette is simple in All Coin Casino. Simply click on the numbers and colors you wish to bet on while the green Place Your Bets sign is on. To make things even simpler, this betting site provides betting options on the lower half of the screen.

If you want to bet on the first dozen numbers, just click the “1st 12” option. Other betting options include numbers 1 to 18 or odd and even numbers. You can also bet on whether the ball will land on red numbers or black numbers. If you miss the Place Your Bets stage, you can still place last-minute bets as long as the Last Bets sign is on.

You can also have advanced betting options: Voisins, Orphelins, or Tiers. Clicking any of these bets allows you to wager on multiple roulette numbers and colors. On the right side of the video are the odds of winning using certain parameters, like odd or even, high or low, and colors such as red, green, and black.

Obviously, this betting site lacks richness in terms of game categories as there is only one game onboard. Even if there are advanced betting options for roulette, these are not enough to satisfy bettors who enjoy variety.

Banking Methods

All Coin Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, so if you are a fiat-user, you will have to get crypto coins and a software or hardware wallet first before signing up. Then, simply select the currency you wish to use and key in your crypto wallet address. There is no indicated minimum deposit, so you can pay and play as you like.

Instead of offering different banking methods, this betting site indicates that it accepts several digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. All Coin also accepts lesser-known coins like Feathercoin, Startcoin, and Namecoin.

As for withdrawal methods, All Coin Casino does not have any banking methods listed. Instead, when you log out, any coins you have won will be credited to your crypto wallet. As of this writing, there are no cash-out limits and no betting requirements imposed, so you can cash out whatever amount you like. After logging out, it will take three confirmations from the blockchain before the winnings reflect in your wallet.

Should You Play in This Casino?

All Coin Casino’s strengths include an easy registration process, easy navigation, and no minimum deposit or withdrawal limits. There are no wagering requirements to worry about, either. And because this betting site accepts various digital currencies, you do not have to provide personal details like your name, address, or phone number.

But, in its present state, this betting site is inactive. There is a lack of games and bonuses, and the site design is not as vibrant as those found in the best bitcoin casinos online. Plus, there are no recent updates on the front page. But if you just want a betting site that caters to Bitcoin roulette players or want to practice advanced roulette bets without any distractions, then give All Coin Casino a try.


Connecting with this gaming hub’s support team may take time because All Coin Casino offers two support channels only: online contact form and email. So there is no guarantee that your concern will be addressed immediately.


  • Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Players can bet using multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Game loads fast
  • Provides demo version of their game
  • Easy registration process


  • No operator and license information
  • No bonuses
  • Only one game
  • Outdated website design
  • No VIP program

Minimum Character: 100



site looks outdated but quick registration, nice.


you can withdarw after logout and I love it, just wish therewere more games


just one game? ………..


love that the site supprots mutilple currencies!


boring site!!!!!! No way am I making ad eposit