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Bitvest Review

Bitvest: A Betting Site Suitable for Casual Plays?

Bitvest first entered the Bitcoin casino space as a Bitcoin Faucet. Since then, it has expanded its market and became a versatile platform for rewards and online betting. When you navigate through the betting site, you can see that Bitvest offers a simple and no non-sense betting experience. It houses about five casino games in a simple interface, playable via multiple cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

In terms of bonuses, the casino lags behind compared with other hotshot gaming hubs. But one of the things that what will excite crypto players in being a member of Bitvest is its faucet feature. You can bag small amounts of coins every day, which you can use to play games. This way, you can get the feel of playing different games without risking your bankroll.

Bitvest does not indicate whether its games, free coins, and other services are restricted to certain territories. That being the case, a part of your responsibilities as a gamer is to check the rules set on your country toward online gaming before placing your first bet.

Ready to see whether Bitvest is worthy of your time and bets? See more of what this betting site has to offer by checking out this review.

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Bonuses and Promotions

There are a handful of Bitcoin bonuses up for grabs on Bitvest. Upon signing up, you can top up your player account with free coins or enjoy referral bonuses. Below are more details about these rewards.

Free Crypto Coins

There are several ways to get free crypto coin on Bitvest. One of the easiest methods is through its crypto faucet. All you need to do is create an account, and redeem your coins. These coins are given away daily. Plus, you can get up to 17,500,000 tokens.

Another way to get crypto coins is through Daily Quests. The premise of this feature is simple. You just need to complete your tasks for the day and you will win rewards. The quests or challenges that you need to complete involve the number of times you need to win on a certain game, on a certain period. For instance, the betting site may require you to win bets on dice for 19 times within the day. Other challenges require hitting 7.77x exactly on BitSpin for four times, win a color bet on roulette for seven times, and such.  Failure to do the challenges within 24 hours will forfeit your bonus.

Free coins are also awarded to players through the chat room. The gaming hub awards bonus rains, or free coins, randomly. The chatbot, or Rainbot, randomly pops out in the group conversation and gives away over 100,000 tokens daily. Watch out for bonus rains by being active in the group chat. Just make sure to follow the guidelines accordingly. Bitvest is strict in keeping the group chat community constructive and harmonious through reasonable chat rules. With these in minds, posting spam messages, asking for free coins, and posting malicious messages are prohibited.

VIP Bonus

Bitvest offers a multi-tier ranking system to award high rollers. You gain your ranking based on how much crypto coins you are betting. Every ETH bet you make is equal to 0.075 BTC. Meanwhile, each LTC bet counts for 0.015 BTC. Note that your rank determines your faucet and quest rewards. To receive rain, you should bet 0.01 BTC—the requirement for Level 1 status.

Referral Bonus

Join the betting site’s referral program if you want to earn long-term rewards. Every successful referral will give you a 10% BTC commission share. Even better is your reward does not stop on your referred player. You can get 5% of your player’s referrals and another 3% from their referrals’ referrals.

Additional bonuses are also up for grabs if you use the multiplier codes in the casino’s blog entries. These can multiply your free coins from the faucet. Earn more profit by being an investor. Invest on Bitvest to earn a significant portion of its profit. It offers several investment opportunities for you. Just check out the Investment section of the site to pick which offer will fit your preference.

Games and Software

Bitvest offers only a handful of games, which are composed of common and exclusive titles. The game library contains Plinko, dice, slots, roulette, and Bitspin.

The player-favorite, Plinko, remains as the main crowd puller. The game is easy to play and offers satisfying payouts. Just choose the coin you want to use, enter your bet, and select a prize row. The coin will roll down to the maze until it lands on a prize row, which contains either a prize multiplier or a dud. To make your game more thrilling try customizing your prize rows. Just take note that the RTP must not be over 98.30% and the maximum multiplier is 1,250x.

Bitvest also offers Bitcoin Dice, which is a good pick for casual games. To start playing, simply enter your bet. Then, pick a win multiplier, win chance, or a target number.  Lastly, choose if you want to roll high or low.

Another simple game for you to try is BitSpin. This involves a big wheel with corresponding multipliers. To spin the wheel and test your luck, simply place your bets and choose your prize row.

All the games in this betting site are provably fair. Bitvest offers a verification tool to check if your game results are valid on the site’s Verification section.

Bitvest is compatible with desktop and mobile. This means you can bring the fun of betting and playing on the comfort of your home or on the go.

Banking Methods

Along with tokens and Bitcoins, this betting site supports other popular altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin. You can fund your account or withdraw your funds through crypto wallets that support the aforementioned coins. For this reason, you can expect instant banking transactions. There is no indicated minimum amount for deposits. Meanwhile, the betting site allows at least 0.0012, 0.0022, 0.0006 for BTC, ETH, and LTC cash outs, respectively.

The processing time for these banking options depends on the currency you are using. For instance, Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions take only one confirmation before you can spend them. On the other hand, Ethereum transactions may take up to 12 confirmations. Note that even if you are not a crypto player, you can still play on Bitvest by converting your fiat money to crypto exchanges.

Should You Play in This Casino?

In terms of extensive games, Bitvest comes behind compared with that of top Bitcoin casinos. Player-favorite table card games like blackjack, baccarat, or poker are unavailable. Although it offers few casual games, Bitvest needs to add more variety to cover the preference of the savvy gambling market.

This gaming hub offers a narrow list of bonuses. But Bitvest compensates with satisfying reward rates that are given to players on a daily basis. To make things more fun for you, this betting site lets you try interesting ways to get and earn rewards. However, due to lack of fiat payment channels, fiat-holders would need to convert their money to crypto before they can play on the online hub.

To sum it up, tick off Bitvest on your list if you are after grand bonuses and a stellar list of games. But, if you are trying to take a break from conventional betting sites, Bitvest casino is the place to be. The titles available on the site are perfect for casual plays, as they do not involve complex rules.


If you have any concerns or queries about Bitvest, you can reach its player support team easily via live chat or email. But take note that the live chat option is divided into two sections: General and Inbox. The General section is accessible to all players of the betting site. While this is a good way to interact with your co-players, it can also be difficult for you to keep track of the responses because the replies can pile up over time. To avoid this situation, you can use Inbox section. This way, you can chat with the player support representative separately.


  • Has instant registration process
  • Offers crypto faucet
  • Accepts Bitcoins and other altcoins
  • Features active group live chat
  • Offers VIP system


  • Site is not mobile-friendly
  • Very limited casino games
  • Cluttered site layout
  • Charges banking fees
  • Live support is reachable only via the group chat

Minimum Character: 100



I'm enjoying this site in the beginning but it's kind of getting a drab as time goes by? cause come on, there are only 5 games. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Appreciate the fact that they offer something like provably fair calculator or tester. assures me that game results are legit.


Good but the site charges me around 0.00220 ETH when I deposited. Hmm.. other sites do not request additional fees.


Playing from online casino to btc dice sites, I must say that the difference is huge especially in games and bonuses. But the thing is I'm having so mucf fun on this site's live chat. Feels like I know everyone already lol


Didn't thought I would actually enjoy this site cause it have like, only five games. But so far, so good.