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CoinMillions Review

CoinMillions: Not Worth It Because of Too Many Issues?

CoinMillions is an online casino that aims to be a fun place for high-stakes gambling with Bitcoin. It was launched in 2015 by a group of engineers who share an interest in blockchain technology. After a year, the creators sold the casino to Acoin LLC, a company that owns the crypto web wallet MoneyPot.

Beyond having a simple site design, the betting hub is packed with features Bitcoin casino players will appreciate.  It offers provably fair games. It claims to offer the best payouts, which are processed instantly. And it adapts to the size of your gadgets, so you can play on your computer or mobile devices.

However, signing up with this gaming hub is not easy. You can become a member only if you have a MoneyPot account. And when you try signing in after registering for the web wallet, you will be redirected to the MoneyPot site with the notification “App Not Found.” It is unknown if this is a temporary issue. While awaiting word from the web wallet, read on to learn more about what this online casino offers.

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Bonuses and Promotions

The casino claims to offer a fun experience, and you would think this is because of the rewards in store. However, it will surprise you that CoinMillions does not have the typical casino bonuses. Instead, this gaming portal offers the Bug Bounty rewards program which rewards you for reporting any technical issues that you will find on the site. Rewards in this program start at US$30, but it can go up, depending on the severity of the bug you detect.

Other than the Bug Bounty rewards, you will not get any Bitcoin casino bonuses on CoinMillions. You may enjoy incentives on the casino’s sole program, but you will not get these rewards often. Without the usual bonuses or comp points, you will not find any reason to keep playing in this gaming hub.

Games and Software

CoinMillions offers only five games: Dice, Video Poker, Slot Machine, Shell, and Bitclimber. The casino created these games in-house, so you will not find titles from famous providers. While offering only a few choices, the casino promises that it will release more games in the future.

Even though you can play only one title per game type, all of the games are of decent quality. The interface is simple, and the controls are easy to use. Before you start, make sure to choose your odds and your bet amount. The minimum wagering amount is set to 0.000001 BTC. As for the maximum bet amount, CoinMillions claims that the limit constantly changes, depending on the available funds on MoneyPot. When you are ready to start your gaming sessions, just press Play. You can also use the hot keys so you can control your game using your keyboard instead of using your mouse.

If you want to sit back and watch your game unfold, you can do so using the Automated Betting option. This option lets you customize your automatic betting experience by clicking the green button on the game interface. You can also change your base values and stop values and even adjust your loss amounts for a better control of your funds.

The casino assures that all its games are provably fair. However, it does not display a certification from a third-party tester. Still, the gaming hub allows you to check the results of your previous round by clicking the Review button on any of the games.

Banking Methods

CoinMillions accepts only Bitcoin payments. If you own a Bitcoin wallet, transacting with this casino will be easy. All you have to do is transfer bitcoins from your wallet to your MoneyPot account. To fund your player account, just send bitcoins to the given address. The casino will confirm your deposit first before the money reflects in your gaming fund balance. It might frustrate you, however, that there is no given information as to how much you should deposit.

Meanwhile, to cash out your winnings, just enter your desired amount and your wallet address. Like deposits, withdrawal requests are processed right away. This means you will receive your winnings instantly. CoinMillions, however, does not state on the website how much you should cash out.

Should You Play in This Casino?

At first glance, CoinMillions looks like a dependable Bitcoin casino. It offers popular casino game types in a simple but user-friendly interface. All of its games are provably fair and thus allow you to check the fairness of the results. It may have Bitcoin wallet transfer as its only mode of payment, but it assures you that you will get your winnings right away.

However, this casino has a major issue. When you try to sign in after creating a MoneyPot account, you will get an “App Not Found” error notification. If this problem continues, you will certainly give up joining this gaming hub altogether.

Other than this problem, CoinMillions also has a lot of weaknesses. For one, it offers only one bonus. Second, it houses only five games. Finally, it has only one player support channel that does not even assure prompt response to your queries. Because of these issues, it would be better if you join another casino.


It is disappointing to find that email is the only method you can use to contact CoinMillions. There is a live chat feature available, but you will not find any customer support staff answering your questions. Instead, this feature is only for players to interact with each other. So if you are a new member, your best resort is the FAQ page, although it is not as comprehensive as that of other betting sites.


  • Simple interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Rewarding Bug Bounty program
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • No country restrictions


  • Only one payment option
  • No bonuses
  • Few games
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • No operator and license information

Minimum Character: 100



no bonuses


i couldnt sign in bec "app not found" in moneypot. didnt bother anymore




I had to make an account via MoneyPot to sign up but every time I try to sign in, I get redirected to "App Not Found". Is this casino still running?


casino looks nice but couldnt find other info about it, and it makes me suspicious