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Sadomi is a new kind Bitcoin dice and faucet site. This kind of faucet usually offers free Bitcoin in exchange for visiting the website. However, this website goes for a dice casino approach by offering different ways in earning free Bitcoin.

Sadomi offers many chances to earn money and gambling games to let you earn more. This Bitcoin casino review can show you what to expect on this website.

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Bonuses and Promotions

In terms of Bitcoin casino bonus, Sadomi offers free Bitcoin through its Roll Dice game apart from its Satoshi Snake. Every hour, you can roll the dice to get a number from 1 to 10,000. The smallest amount you can get is 0.00000030 BTC when you roll a number below 9885. The highest amount you can earn is 0.00002000 if you are lucky enough to roll exactly 10,000. You can also earn a raffle ticket from each roll to get the chance to earn more Bitcoin.

The website also has a regular Bitcoin faucet. You can get 0.00000050 once every 30 minutes. Simply solve the captcha to claim your free money.

Games and Software

There are six different games to play in Sadomi. It’s most basic Bitcoin casino game is Hi-Lo which plays like any casino dice game. Players set the payout rate or winning the chance of each roll and place their bet. Another gambling game on the website is its Fortune Hunter game. Your goal is to find the treasure amongst one of three possible locations. The payout rate is twice your bet in this game.

The Raffle game is played through the use of tickets. You win if the tickets you submit in the game are one of the winning tickets. You can earn tickets through the Dice game or purchase it in the Raffle game.

The game that makes Sadomi worth visiting is Satoshi Snake. You can earn 0.00000001 BTC for each block you collect in the game. Your earnings are paid out for 100 game rounds in a single day. The total amount you can earn is 0.000005 BTC

Banking Methods

You do not need to use your full name or other personal info when signing up with Sadomi. However, you need a working Bitcoin address to finish your registration. There are no deposit limits to worry about. When you need to cash out, the minimum withdrawal requirement is 0.01 BTC.


There is a contact form on the website that lets you get in touch with a support staff. Simply click on the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the site.


  • Different ways to earn free Bitcoin
  • Action oriented faucet game
  • Two different Bitcoin gambling games
  • No deposit limit
  • Raffle game


  • Lack of other casino games
  • No live chat support
  • No fiat payment option
  • Long response time from a support staff
  • Website looks too simplistic

Minimum Character: 100