Should Bitcoin Casino Sector Be Troubled Over China’s Block on

Sep 22, 2014
China BitcoinTalk Ban

China BitcoinTalk Ban

The Chinese government has once again made a bold move to further hinder the presence and growth of the digital currency by blocking the primary online venue for Bitcoin enthusiasts—

According to the link shared on Reddit by Theymos, the administrator of the Bitcoin forum, cannot be accessed anymore in mainland China, specifically in Beijing, Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province, and Yunnan Province.

China has not always been the friendliest country toward Bitcoin. Not too long ago, the People’s Bank of China expressed its stand to dismiss any kind of support for the digital currency, although Bitcoin is not regarded as illegal in the country as exemplified by the known Bitcoin exchanges like OKCoin and BTC China.

The possibility of halting the services of such exchanges is among the concerns that arise from the discussions among Bitcoin users on Reddit. Once Bitcoin exchanges are blocked, including local CNY platforms, Bitcoin casino players in the region are guaranteed to have a more complicated process of acquiring Bitcoin using their local fiat currencies.

China FirewallOn the other hand, some Bitcoiners regard the situation as a positive sign for the maturity of the digital currency, reasoning that the faster Bitcoin develops, the lesser time the government will have to counter such growth.

Meanwhile, another user who attended the Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Shanghai that ran from Sept. 19 to 21, shared that he was able to access the Bitcoin forum, causing others to speculate. One comment, however, pointed out the censorship-free Internet access provided during the Bitcoin conference.

Although tests showed that is indeed blocked in China, its mirror website is not—or at least not just yet. serves as the main lobby for everything about Bitcoin. This is also the place where Bitcoin casino brands and gamblers share information, a user-friendly environment that supports the online gaming industry.

The future of Bitcoin in China remains to be unclear, and this takes a toll on the different industries related to the digital currency like the Bitcoin games sector. However, not until the country is erecting its great wall against Bitcoin, the digital currency is bound to influence more markets in Asia. It is rather interesting to see what the Chinese government’s next move will be.