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LinePros is a provider of pre-game and live-betting odds, as well as consulting services, to online bookmakers. Learn more about this developer here.

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LinePros is a software provider with a vision to become the leading odds provider to online bookmakers. It opened its doors in 2010, joining other software providers that promise high-quality gaming to players and user-friendly solutions to operators.

The provider consists of a team that knows how to tackle issues in the marketplace in order to create excellent solutions to client betting sites. And with team members with knowledge and expertise in the online sports betting scene, LinePros assures that it is the perfect partner for those seeking to put up sports betting sites.

Why LinePros is a Solid Software Provider

The provider understands that in-depth data and excellent software go hand in hand to maximize the profit of sportsbook operators. It collects updated data from the casino and systems development industries and then uses this information to keep its software up to date. In addition, LinePros customizes its software to fit the operators’ needs. So whether the sportsbook is fully managed, self-managed, or a combination of both, partner sportsbooks can expect a differentiated betting site compared with other LinePros-powered sportsbooks.

Services Offered by LinePros

LinePros offers three services to its current and potential partners—pre-game odds, live-betting odds, and consulting services. Know more about these deals below.

Pre-Game Odds

The developer provides pre-game odds for more than 100 markets that include the top US sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. LinePros has a dedicated team that gathers all markets from these sports. Members of these team then carefully monitor price changes from more than 100 online bookmakers across the world. As a result, bettors can expect accurately delivered pre-match odds, making it easy for them to place their wagers.

Live-Betting Odds

Live bets remain to be popular among sports bettors. LinePros understands this, so it strives to compile, review, and deliver real-time odds to its system. Its Live Betting Service offers a complete trading solution, which includes live betting pricing, top-line markets, and live scores. This software is managed by trading experts, but all pricing is automated with accurate data sources.

Consulting Services

The growth of a business is important, which is why LinePros offers consultation services to its partner betting sites. These services include consultations for risk management, business optimization, fraud prevention, and more. Partners will receive business advice in every sector of the sportsbook industry from experts who have worked with Europe’s leading betting operators.

In a market with few options for sportsbooks software, LinePros definitely stands out as one of the options. It does its best to deliver its mission of offering up-to-date solutions to its partner operators. You can experience how LinePros software works by signing up with its partner gaming hub, Wager Web Casino.

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