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How A Simple Bitcoin Dice Game Shaped The Future

An online dice game that allowed for micro Bitcoin transactions started it all for Bitcoin gambling. It was SatoshiDice’s on-chain Bitcoin dice game that launched the popularity of gambling online with bitcoins. The first version of SatoshiDice stayed true to the concepts of Bitcoin. Its Bitcoin dice game was wholly built on the blockchain, and

How Should Bettors Maximize the Soaring Bitcoin Price?

The Bitcoin $1,400 price breakthrough is a good opportunity for bettors to get the most wins out of their wagers. Bets that are just $1 or less in Bitcoin equivalent could turn into $1,000 or more thanks to the many iGaming sites. There are many opportunities bettors can find in the online gambling market to

How to Play Bitcoin Dice: Get More Fun & Rewards

Online bettors can get the most out of every Bitcoin dice game they play. After all, Bitcoin dice is a simple game with a very deep mechanic. Many of the best practices to make Bitcoin dice enjoyable involve learning about the mechanics of the game. It is also about setting a limit to a player’s

Players Won Huge Bitcoin Casino Wins In 2016

Year 2016 was a good year for Bitcoin gambling. The industry has been going from strength to strength as the cryptocurrency becomes more entrenched in the gaming industry. People are starting to appreciate how useful Bitcoin is in ensuring transactions are done quickly, properly, and securely. However, the biggest attraction for many people would be

Useful Tips for Amazing Bitcoin Casino Experience

Players can get the best Bitcoin casino experience on their next visit to an online casino. They just need to follow a few tips to get the most out of their casino visit. A player’s experience does not have anything to do with the amount of Bitcoin they deposit in their account. The key for

Where Can Bettors Play Quality Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice owes its popularity to its simple yet entertaining gameplay. Players just pick a lucky number and bet on whether the dice roll will yield a higher or lower value than what he had chosen. The game might have turned into an even-money game where the chance of winning is 50/50. Since players can

Which Leading Bitcoin Dice Sites Have Low House Edge?

House edge is the advantage that casinos have over the players. Casinos need this advantage so they stay in business. It helps pay for the casino game providers, customer service, staff and other costs. The casino advantage is what players can expect to lose, and how much the casino will gain over time. Players want