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Blackjack Habits That Separate Pros from Beginners

A lot of casino players are drawn to blackjack because of its low house edge. The lower the house edge is, the higher the prizes a player can win.  Winning big, though, is not highly reliant on how low the casino advantage is for blackjack, but on how good the gaming strategies are used by

OneTouch.io Releases New Blackjack Perfect Pairs Game

OneTouch.io Blackjack Perfect Pairs game makes its way to BitCasino.io. This variant game adds a side bet to the classic card game called Perfect Pairs. OneTouch.io games are designed with a mobile device in mind. Its games have various features which make it stand out from the rest. OneTouch.io launches Blackjack Perfect Pairs The Perfect

Yggdrasil Creates 3D Virtual Blackjack & More Table Games

Yggdrasil Gaming takes a step out of its comfort zone by expanding its portfolio to accommodate table games starting with blackjack. The soon-to-be-released table games from Yggdrasil will utilize new technology and features like the REDUX progressive technology and the multiplayer component. These new software enhancements are expected to provide players with improved gameplay and