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Fornite Esports Launches with $100 Million Prize Pool

Epic Games announced its launch of the first Fortnite esports season with a record-breaking US$100 million prize pool. The massive Fortnite esports prize pool will turn the attention of many sportsbooks to a competitive game that already has a large following in the esports community. Epic Prize Pool for Fortnite According to Epic Games, the

Top 5 Esports Games You Should Bet On In 2018

The world of esports features a wide selection of games, but only certain titles rise above the rest. Competitive odds for these popular games are found in various sportsbooks as soon as tournament season rolls out. Once you know which esports games interest you the most, start reading about the top teams, then begin line

UltraPlay Improves Live Betting Model for Esports

Esports punters now have more ways to bet on their favorite competitions. With UltraPlay’s upgraded esports live betting model, punters have additional betting options during major live events like the ESL Pro League. The betting solutions provider focuses on making odds for almost every type of esports events. UltraPlay’s team of experienced sportsbook experts allows

Which Bitcoin Casinos Offer Lol World Championship Bets?

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship is in full swing with the Group Stage currently running. Sixteen teams are divided into four groups, wherein the top two teams of the four groups will move on to the knockout stage. There are several Bitcoin casinos that let their members to place bets on the ongoing