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How Do Bitcoin Casinos & Fiat Online Casinos Compare?

Bitcoin bettors may notice a large difference between a casino that only takes in Bitcoin and one that accepts both the digital currency as well as other fiat payment options. What makes the real money and Bitcoin casinos different is not just how the website looks. Each casino has its own terms when it comes

Switzerland Votes to Block Foreign-Based Online Casinos

Switzerland has chosen to block foreign betting sites on the Swiss internet, according to a referendum held on June 10, 2018. Results of the referendum showed that 72.9 percent of voters backed the Swiss Gambling Act—aimed at stopping the rise of gambling addiction in the country. The law, which will take effect next year, will

What to Look for in a Casino’s Terms & Conditions Before Signing Up

It is a universal joke on the internet that no one reads the terms and conditions during online registration. This applies to signing up with online casinos as well. After all, who wants to read a long chunk of text when they can just quickly tick the checkbox or click “I agree” and then start