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Former PKR Players Receives Lost Funds from PokerStars

PokerStars reimbursed PKR players who still have funds in the closed poker site. This is a welcome development after the closure of PKR due to financial problems. Alternatively, former PKR users who are lucky enough to take out their funds from the site have several poker room options for playing. Many of which are Bitcoin

Last Call for PKR Players to Receive Refund from PokerStars

Time is running out for players of the defunct PKR site to retrieve their unwithdrawn funds. Players have until Feb. 28 to file a claim for their PKR reimbursement at PokerStars. Emails were sent out to former PKR players, telling them to retrieve their reimbursement from PokerStars made available since July last year. Former PKR

Poker Players Have Alternatives Amid PKR Shutdown

The Isle of Man-based PKR closes its poker rooms indefinitely. The reason for the shutdown is financial problems that the owners of the company are facing. PKR is currently looking for a way to resolve its finances. In the meantime, poker enthusiasts can still find the same kind of thrill in different poker room websites.