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Crypto crashes, price volatility, and currencies ceasing to exist are just a few of the risks crypto holders face. Enter Tether! Tether is a cryptocurrency with no such risks, which may explain why online casinos love it. Select your favorite Tether gambling site and start playing!

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What is Tether?

tether casino sites

Tether (USDT) is best known for being the most popular stable cryptocurrency on the market. The main reason why Tether is so popular is:

1 USDT = 1 USD

This is the main reason why so many people are drawn to Tether. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies out there, a single Tether token is always supposed to be worth a single United States dollar. That’s how it’s been ever since Tether came out in 2014.

Crypto without volatility

Because of this stable price, many cryptocurrency users like to stick with Tether and not worry about price volatility even if a crypto market crash occurs. In fact, in the year 2022, there was a huge crypto crash and many cryptocurrencies went down in price by over 50% – but not Tether. Tether is still holding on to its price.

It’s basically a token with all the benefits we love about crypto and without most of the disadvantages. At least, that’s how it would be in a perfect world. The idea behind Tether is that for every real USD you own, you are able to convert it into a USDT token. This, almost, makes Tether look like a digital fiat currency, without all the drawbacks of the banking system.

Tether to the rescue

When someone gets wind that a cryptocurrency might crash, they will likely convert that particular crypto into Tether in order to keep most of his/her overall value. Tether is in a particularly good position as a cryptocurrency simply because it is not affected by volatility.

Why you should invest in Tether over other cryptocurrencies?

One word: Stability. If you want to enter the crypto market with minimal risks, Tether is one of the safer options. The only real disadvantage of Tether (at least right now) is that you can’t really buy a lot of it and expect to make a profit in the future.

Staking aside, the value of the USDT token simply isn’t going to rise or fall. Fortunately, this can also be seen as a perk of Tether. The way how it functions, Tether tokens can often be seen as actual virtual dollars. Many people who want to buy a lot of different cryptocurrencies usually buy a large stash of Tether and then proceed to use their new USDT funds to buy other cryptocurrencies.

Getting started with Tether Gambling Sites

If you feel like you want to start playing casino games using Tether but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Follow these 5 steps to get started with USDT gambling.

Tether wallet

Create a wallet that supports Tether

There are a lot of crypto wallets out there and, fortunately, most of them support Tether. Not only that but many famous wallets (like Binance) default Tether because of its conversion from USD. So, just pick any wallet that suits you because they all accept USDT. Creating a wallet is almost as easy as creating any other account, however, the one thing that’s always annoying is going through the KYC.

When going through the KYC, players have to submit personal identification, utility bills, and a selfie of them holding one of these documents. Because the crypto market can be a dangerous space, going through KYC is a very important step. We recommend you pick a crypto wallet that also features crypto exchange so you can make the next step easier.

buy tether

Buy Tether from a crypto exchange site

If you picked a wallet that also doubles as a crypto exchange site, simply use your credit card and buy some Tether directly from your newly made crypto wallet. Simply select USDT, and buy whichever amount you want and you should be ready for the next step. If, however, you picked a wallet that doesn’t have a crypto exchange, your next step is to find a crypto exchange site.

When you do, create an account (go through the KYC again) and buy some USDT. Once you do, you have to transfer the USDT to your crypto wallet. On the crypto exchange page, enter your wallet address or scan the QR code with your wallet and you should start the transfer process. The transfer shouldn’t take too long and you should see your Tether funds in your wallet soon.

choose online casino

Pick an online casino that accepts Tether

After you have a wallet loaded with Tether, your next step is to find a crypto casino that supports Tether. You can take a chance and find a hybrid casino, which shouldn’t take too long. However, your best bet is to simply pick a crypto casino that’s pure.

Not only do pure crypto casinos accept USDT as a payment method, but they often let you play casino games directly using your Tether tokens (Hybrid casinos will probably just convert your USDT into USD after you deposit them).

make a deposit

Make a deposit/Link your crypto wallet

Now that you’ve picked a crypto casino that you like, go ahead and create an account. Once you create an account and confirm it through email, your next step is to make a deposit. At hybrid casinos, you should navigate to the payment page and select Tether as a payment method. There, you should see a QR code that you can scan with your crypto wallet. Once you do this, select the amount you wish to deposit and your USDT funds should get transferred to the crypto casino.

If you are lucky enough to find a USDT casino with wallet linking then you can simply link your entire crypto wallet and completely bypass all deposits and withdrawals. Everything you win or lose at the casino is done directly from your wallet.

play casino games

Enjoy your casino games

Finally, you are ready to enjoy the Tether casino. Please remember that online gambling is supposed to be fun, first and foremost. No matter how much you win or lose, don’t take it too seriously. And with Tether, you can enjoy this activity without any banks getting in your way.

Tether Casinos

Online casinos love dealing with Tether because of how stable it is. It’s no secret that online casinos, just like crypto users hate it when the price of cryptocurrencies rises and falls. This means that bonuses need to be adjusted, withdrawals need to be converted, payment methods need to be updated, and so on.

With Tether, things are much simpler. Because a Tether token is worth just as much as a single USD, Tether Casinos don’t have as much trouble calculating.

Despite all the convenience that Tether brings, many online casinos still haven’t fully embraced Tether. Most Hybrid casinos accept Tether, but many are still on the fence. Despite the stability, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other cryptocurrencies are more popular in online casinos than Tether.

When it comes to pure crypto casinos, they often display all of their prices and bonuses in USDT, simply because players find it easy to tell the actual price. At Pure Crypto Casinos, Tether is almost always accepted as one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Tether Casino Games

Talking about casino games is a bit tough because even when casino games don’t work with Tether tokens, they still kind of do. Case in point: Even Hybrid casinos that only accept USD as playing currency just turn your USDT tokens into USD. Now, there may be a few caveats along the way, but for the most part, this is a 1-to-1 conversion.

Pure crypto casinos on the other hand simply accept USDT because it’s just really easy to work with, unlike other volatile currencies.

bitcoin online casino slots

Tether online slots

At hybrid casinos, you mostly find fiat currency slots. Fortunately, that means you only have to convert your USDT into USD. At pure crypto casinos, on the other hand, you should be able to play with any of your available currencies, and that includes Tether. Seeing how most online slots have been made with the USD in mind, it isn’t too hard to optimize old slots to accept Tether.

bitcoin casino table games

Tether table games

In most online casinos, many of the table games available only accept fiat currency. If you are looking to play non-live versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, or other, fiat currency is the only way to go, even with the Tether to USD conversion.

At pure crypto casinos, however, you can find a lot of casino-exclusive games. Most pure crypto casinos have their own version of the “Dice game” along with a bunch of other classic games. These provably fair games include Blackjack, Video Poker, Crash Games, Baccarat, and others. The best thing about all of these is how they can seemingly accept any cryptocurrency that the casino accepts (without the need to convert them).

live casino bitcoin

Tether live casino games

Even though it shouldn’t be a problem to implement, Tether isn’t often used at live casino games. As always, the majority of the games were made to accept fiat currencies like USD and EUR. Few Live casino games accept Bitcoin and even Ethereum (even Ethereum-based NFTs) as wagering currencies, but that’s about it. Considering how things are at the moment, we can only wait and see if Live casino games will start accepting USDT.

Tether Casino Bonuses

When discussing crypto bonuses at online casinos, the majority of them only work with Bitcoin. Ethereum takes second place and after that, it is, mostly, random if the casino has crypto-specific bonuses. Most pure crypto casinos simply give you a match bonus for any cryptocurrency you deposit, and that includes Tether.

crypto casino sign in bonus

Tether welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is the most important deposit bonus at any online casino (hybrid or pure crypto). It is the bonus that breaks the ice. The first deposit bonus usually gives the player the same amount he/she deposited in bonus money. Most hybrid casinos give the amount in USD (even if the player deposited using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies).

Fortunately, pure crypto casinos often have a welcome bonus that accepts ANY cryptocurrency. And the bonus money they give with the bonus is in the same currency that was used for the deposit, and that includes Tether.

crypto casino reload bonus

Tether reload bonus

Tether Casinos sometimes have a less generous version of the welcome bonus. The reload bonus also offers a match bonus (usually around 50% or less) and usually has the same wagering requirements as the welcome bonus.

What is great about these types of bonuses is that they can be used once a week (or more). A Tether casino can offer one or more reload bonuses but, just like with most of the bonuses here, it’s highly unlikely that the bonus is going to be Tether specific.

crypto casino cashback bonus

Tether cashback

Cashback bonuses are really common in both hybrid and pure crypto casinos. When players use up all of their real money, they can receive a percentage of their losses back in bonus money.

The nice thing about the cashback bonus is that it is, normally, the easiest bonus to wager. Cashback promotions can help players get back in the game even if they don’t plan to make another deposit.

The best Tether casinos normally offer a cashback bonus of about 10%-20% and players normally get these bonuses once a week. Most hybrid casinos issue cashback in their preferred currency but pure crypto casinos issue cashback in the same currency that was used by the player.

bitcoin casino free spins

Tether free spins

Normally, free spin promotions are very popular at fiat and hybrid online casinos. Pure crypto casinos don’t normally offer free spins and when they do, they can only be claimed in USD. Because of how easy it is to convert USD into USDT, Casinos shouldn’t have a lot of trouble implementing free spins at Tether casinos.

The Advantages of using Tether

We already covered what makes Tether such a great cryptocurrency and now we’d like to explain it in greater detail.

Extremely stable

The main draw of Tether tokens is the fact that each one is worth exactly 1 USD. This alone puts Tether ahead of so many cryptocurrencies. Even after numerous global crypto rises and falls, Tether tokens have always held the same price. Because of this, many consider USDT tokens as the default safe currency. If anything should ever happen to the price of Tether tokens, all cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) are going to take a hit.

Widely accepted and easy to get into

Tether tokens are one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Even though they aren’t as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tether has certainly earned a name for itself because of its features. Many casinos that only accept a few cryptocurrencies can easily implement Tether because of how easy it is to convert a token into fiat.

Third largest cryptocurrency

With over 14.4 billion USDT tokens in circulation, Tether is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world right after Ethereum and Bitcoin. It isn’t that surprising seeing how Tether tokens are very easy to use and convert into other cryptocurrencies.

The Disadvantages of using Tether

Even though we like Tether a lot, there are some facts about it that really make us question its worth. Here are a few disadvantages to owning Tether.

Tether doesn’t have a lot of cash reserves

The idea of Tether is that every single USD that you have, can be converted into a USDT token and vice versa. Unfortunately, this only applies to the former. Tether LTD. has sold over 14.4 billion USDT tokens and receives a dollar for every single one of them. Most of the actual dollars received have been used up.

During the last attempted audit, Tether Limited held a little over 10% of the cash it received from all the Tether conversions. This means that, if there should ever be a massive decline in Tether tokens, Tether LTD. simply won’t have enough cash to give back to the people who want to convert back their Tether tokens.

Tether LTD. has never been audited

Tether LTD. is a company just like any other. One thing that instills trust and reliability into a company is having an Audit and releasing the results to the public. Unfortunately, Tether has never been fully audited. Tether LTD’s first ever attempted audit was cut short because, according to them, the auditors were asking too many questions.

Since then, Tether LTD. has never had an audit made and when a company refuses to be audited, it makes them look really sketchy, to say the least.

Tether LTD. holds too much power

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Tether cannot be mined. Instead, Tether tokens are created and destroyed on demand. The company, Tether LTD. can simply add or remove additional tokens should they see fit. Unfortunately, this also means that they are completely able to print a bunch of Tether tokens themselves and trade them for other cryptocurrencies that are more valuable. Because of this, a lot of crypto users find it hard to trust Tether.

Play Online Casino Games with Tether

tether online casino

You may not be able to buy low and sell high but at least you’ll be able to tell the exact worth of your Tether assets. The simple fact that a single USDT token is worth a single USD dollar already makes this one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to get into. There is very little risk involved and a lot of Tether casino sites are more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

Thank you for reading our page about Tether casinos! We hope that we have helped you in finding the best crypto casino with your name on it.


  • What is Tether?

    Tether is a cryptocurrency that got its popularity because of how stable it is. Each Tether token has been worth 1 USD and because of this, a lot of people like to use it when they want to maintain a balance in their crypto portfolio.

  • Where to buy Tether?

    Because of its popularity, Tether can be bought on almost any major crypto exchange website. We recommend Binance of Coinbase as these are the most popular and reliable crypto exchange sites as well as crypto wallets.

  • How to stake Tether?

    Tether tokens can be staked using any crypto wallet that allows the option of staking cryptocurrency. To stake Tether, you need a minimum of 10 USDT, however many experts that crypto enthusiasts stake at least 1,000 USDT (or more).

  • How many Tether tokens are there?

    As of writing this, there are over 14,4 billion USDT tokens in circulation. Tether LTD, the company behind the Tether token, can easily create (and destroy) more tokens if there is a demand for them.

  • Do many crypto casinos accept Tether?

    Almost all pure crypto casinos accept Tether and many of them display your default account value in USDT. As for Hybrid casinos, many of them still accept Tether simply because of how easy it is to convert into USD.

  • What is the best Tether gambling site?

    The best Tether casino is the one that accepts Tether tokens directly and offers you bonuses for Tether deposits. While this can be extremely hard to find with Hybrid casinos, many Pure crypto casinos can offer you all of this and more.

  • Will the price of Tether ever go up or down?

    This is something that nobody can predict. Ever since it first appeared in 2014, the Tether token has stayed at a consistent 1 USD = 1 USDT, and the company doesn’t plan to change that. If the price should ever drop or rise, it will cause a ripple effect on the entire crypto market. We simply have to wait and see what happens.

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