5 Ethereum Gambling dApps You Should Check Out

Ethereum Gambling Dapps

Celebrate Ethereum's success this year by using Ether (ETH) to play games in popular Ethereum gambling dApps that you can find on the market today.

Ethereum price continues to soar

If you’ve been in the crypto space for a long time, then you perhaps remember the Ether (ETH) price reaching 1,200 USD in first half of 2018 then spiraling down on a rollercoaster ride for a few years.

But much has improved with its price since then as Ether continued to gain traction in April 2021, then eventually hitting a record high 3,400 USD at the start of May of the same year. In fact, Ether is now worth four times its value from the beginning of 2021.

With such huge development, there’s no wonder that all eyes are on Ethereum these days. Being the second cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, Ethereum is expected by analysts to take over Bitcoin in this category. Analysts also predict that a 5,000 USD Ether price is not far from happening.

Ethereum is on a roll is in fact an understatement, and we believe that it’s only high time for the community to celebrate this achievement. There’s no better way to do this than to experience decentralized gaming and have fun at some of the top Ethereum gambling dApps today.

Top Ethereum gambling dApps

We’ve gathered some of the most popular Ethereum gambling dApps on the market today, so you can get to know them a bit better. Who knows? You might find your first or next favorite Ethereum gambling dApp!

#1 Dice2.win

When it comes to some provably fair on-chain betting, Dice2.win has got to be on your list. Powered by Ethereum smart contract, Dice2.win lets you play four games: Coin flip, Roll a dice, Two dice, and Etheroll.

You’re not required to create a Dice2.win account to be able to play it’d games. You don’t even have to make a deposit as every single bet goes straight to the blockchain. All you have to do is prepare your ETH wallet, transfer coins to this Ethereum online casino and hope that your bet wins. If you play Coin flip, there’s a 1.98x multiplier that can almost double your bet. Want bigger multipliers? Then play Roll a dice (up to 5.94x), Two dice (up to 35.64x), and Etheroll (up to 99%). The best part? There’s only a 1% house edge.

#2 BETR Betting

Looking for an online peer-to-peer sportsbook built on the Ethereum blockchain? Then joining BETR Betting is the way to go. Yes, it requires you to create your BETR Betting account, but you only need to register your email and assign a password.

In order to begin placing bets, it’s recommended that you create your BETR wallet. This is where you’ll store your BETR tokens, which you can buy via Changelly, as well as to have some ETH for gas. Once you’re on board, you’ll have full access on a variety of betting markets, specifically sports, esports, and live sports.

#3 Ruletka Pot Shot

If Russian roulette is your thing, then you might want to play at Ruletka instead of using real guns. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Ruletka Pot Shot lets you experience simulated Russian roulette using Ruletka Token (RTK), which functions as an inventive-based deflationary game currency.

Before you can play at Ruletka Pot Shot, you must have a web-Ethereum wallet connected to this dApp’s website. You have two choices, whether to play a low-tier game at 100 RTK or go for the high-tier game at 250 RTK. You have the free Dom to send as many transactions per round. If you win, you get 50% of the prize. If you’re still feeling a little confused, don’t worry because you can easily follow their instructions or watch the tutorial video.

#4 Degens

There’s another option for peer-to-peer sports betting and that’s no other than Degens. Degens has been around since 2017 back when it was still called SportCrypt. Much has improved since then, enabling bettors to use the betting exchange with bets in ETH and DAI.

On the Degens platform, you can place bets on sports, esports, and even politics. You’ll find attractive odds, enjoy peer-to-peer betting, and most of all appreciate anonymous betting. No KYC is required to bet here, and you don’t have to worry about country restrictions. Expect the lowest fees (0.05 ETH for winning bets) but optimal fun while betting at Degens.

#5 Dicether

Classic Dice, Keno, Wheel, and more—you can play all these just by registering for a Dicether account. It’s as simple as that! Join Dicether without providing any personal detail as all you’ll ever need is a MetaMask wallet or something similar.

Dicether lets you play in a secure and provably fair environment. Since you only need an Ethereum wallet to play, this casino is fully anonymous. It also promises fast transactions as well as the ability to refer players and earn 10% of their house edge. There are currently five games on board, but you can expect more games to join the casino soon.

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