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Ever wondered how to play Bitcoin games when you’re in the US? Play in an offshore Bitcoin casino USA and enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrency to play casino games and marvel at the bevy of Bitcoin games you can bet on. We’ve prepared below everything you need to know when playing in USA casinos, which Bitcoin casino US to choose, and if USA crypto casinos are legal. We’ve also shared the advantages of playing in Bitcoin casinos USA.

History of Bitcoin Casinos

Ever since Bitcoin was first introduced, more and more Bitcoin casino sites emerged. It started with a few games that can be played using Bitcoin, which later on also introduced on-chain betting and micro betting. One of the crypto games that enjoyed huge popularity is Bitcoin dice. And even up to today, many players love to play crypto dice online especially in a Bitcoin casino USA.

Blockchain technology became instrumental in the success of online Bitcoin gambling sites. Cryptocurrency also paved the way for the introduction of provably fair gaming. And as crypto gambling gained momentum, more online casino operators began integrating cryptocurrency into their payment system.

Today, many online casinos accept fiat money and cryptocurrency. Even selected USA casinos have supported Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To help you understand better the legality of USA crypto casinos as well as what they offer, keep reading.

Are you living in the US and wondering why many online casinos don’t accept your registration? That’s because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that prohibits USA banks from processing any gambling-related transactions. And in essence, online gambling is illegal in the US, except for selected states that have recently changed their views toward online gambling.


But with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies now in the picture, many players are left getting confused even more. Is Bitcoin legal? It Bitcoin safe? These are the questions that are often asked by online casino USA players. And to give a stop to all these confusions, using cryptocurrency to bet online in the US still falls under real-money gambling. BUT you won’t be fined for placing Bitcoin bets in an offshore Bitcoin casino USA even if you’re living in the US.

The US law states that accepting real money bets in USA is illegal. However, placing bets in the country is not. Therefore, you can technically play casino games using Bitcoin in offshore USA crypto casinos.

Choose a Bitcoin Casino USA

Let’s say you are new to the Bitcoin Casino US scene and concerned about the safety and security of playing in an online casino USA, it is always good to seek out the latest online casino reviews and know where you can play.

As a player, you can then decide which casino will offer you the best online gambling experience. Bitcoin Casino USA reviews look at casino operators’ credibility, the support they offer players, the services’ reliability, and the overall online gambling experience. Using this knowledge will help you as a player to decide which online casino will suit your privacy preferences best.

With the popularity of Bitcoin, it shouldn’t surprise us that the online casino industry has incorporated it into its payment options. Bitcoin offers you privacy from a third party accessing your financial or personal information. Another issue online casinos had to deal with was the delay in payouts through bank transfers. By using Bitcoin, you will receive instant payouts. USA crypto casinos have indeed made playing casino games online easier.

With Bitcoin accepted by so many online casinos, choosing the best ones for you can become difficult. To simplify it consider the following:

  • Does USA crypto casinos maintain a good reputation in the iGaming industry?
  • Are they trustworthy by offering a safe and secure online gambling environment?
  • Do they have a library of a variety of games from the top online casino game providers?

Research if it operates on mobile devices, too, because today, we can do anything with modern technology.

There is still some uncertainty around the legality of Bitcoin casinos in the US. It is currently not being “officially” allowed nor is it prohibited, and there is no specific law that regulates Bitcoin gambling.

This can confuse players, but remember that so long as you’re playing in an offshore Bitcoin Casino USA, you’re good. There are white and grey market gambling options available in USA Casinos. Remember to make sure you choose the right Bitcoin Casino US gambling experience according to your state law regulations.

Mobile USA Bitcoin Apps

We live in a technology age where you can find a mobile app for almost anything; why would it not be the same for Bitcoin? But finding apps that are legit and trustworthy might not always be that easy.

So, what do the cybersecurity experts say are the most trustworthy Bitcoin apps? Coinbase was at the top of the list, followed by Blockchain Wallet, Blockfolio, and WIREX was the most trustworthy Bitcoin apps on the market due to their industry-leading safety features. Now that you know which mobile USA Bitcoin apps, find if you can use any of them to help make your experience playing in USA crypto casinos even better.

Play in Bitcoin Casinos USA

It’s rather difficult to find Bitcoin casinos USA that can deliver high-quality casino experience. But fortunately, we’ve found that we’re sure you’ll absolutely enjoy playing at.

FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino USA

FortuneJack aims to use the most revolutionary technology to transform the world of online gambling. They offer the most secure online gambling experience on the market with top software professionals.

FortuneJack does not only cater to experienced gamblers but newcomers as well. They are also considered one of the Best Bitcoin Casinos with thousands of games, several provably fair games, and a highly competitive and rewarding bonuses and promotions.

What are the Advantages of USA Crypto Casinos?

  • Most USA crypto casinos support Bitcoin, and there is no financial flow interference from other financial institutes.
  • Blockchain makes Bitcoin one of the most secure transactions in the world, without sharing any personal information.
  • Cryptocurrency remains protected from any taxation at online casino USA.
  • There could be a small fee or no fees required with Bitcoin for online casinos.
  • Bitcoin can’t exceed 21 million bitcoins. So, there is no possibility of inflation.

Did You Know?

Bitcoin transactions don’t get declined for online gambling, whereas other financial institutes decline transactions associated with online gambling. This in return affects your gambling experience. That’s why it makes sense that many online casinos prefer Bitcoin as their primary currency. And many players choose Bitcoin, especially now that they can play Bitcoin games  in USA crypto casinos even when they are in the US.

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