Kraken is the first Bitcoin exchange that passed an audit and the first to have a trading price. Sign up with this exchange and enjoy its services.

Trusted by hundreds and thousands of traders, Kraken is one of the Bitcoin exchanges that let you buy, sell, convert, and trade bitcoins. It is also the first Bitcoin exchange to have a trading price and volume on Bloomberg Terminal.

Kraken is one of the leading names on this market, which is why it is no surprise the many of the Bitcoin casino players also choose to use the services provided by this Bitcoin exchange. And if you are looking to jumpstart your luck in playing crypto slots games or even Bitcoin dice, then you had better check if Kraken can give you the kind of service you need.

Services you can enjoy on Kraken

After you sign up, you can check the cryptocurrency chart to see the current prices and recent trades. You can easily distinguish it because of its simple interface. You can also check the order book to see the volume for each buy and sell. The exchange also has the fee schedule, margin, and leverage that you can use in trading.

Other than that, it also has features to keep your account safe. Kraken wanted to prevent any incidents of theft of money and information. Its security features also make sure that there will be legal compliance and healthy relationship between the exchange and users.

The exchange stores all crypto currencies in a cold wallet to make sure that it stays offline. The cold wallets are also encrypted to avoid hacking. For your account, the exchange used the two-factor authentication feature every time you log in, fund, and trade. To make sure that your personal info is safe, the exchange also uses API keys. In this way, both your account and the entire system are protected.

How Kraken becomes your better choice

Apart from the special features that Kraken has, there are also other factors for you to choose this Bitcoin exchange.

You do not have to wait for a long time just to convert their fiat currency or pay high fees just to trade. Speaking of trade, this exchange allows leveraged trading up to five times. You can also request for audits and choose your order type.

Another reason to prefer this exchange is that you can access Kraken on your mobile phone. With this feature, you can now check the market anytime and anywhere. You can even trade with your mobile phone, so long as you download the app. You can find it on your Google Play Store. As of this writing, however, the app is only available for iOS devices.

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