What Is Provably Fair?

If there is one thing common to all people involved in gambling it’s that they all want to play fair casino games set in a legit gambling site. Finding provably fair casinos is the mission here. By the end of this guide, you should be apt in pinpointing provably fair games and avoid any potential trouble associated with crypto gambling.

What Does Provably Fair Mean?

what does provably fair mean

Provably fair is an algorithm that checks and verifies fairness, ensuring the games are played with random outcomes. It serves to eliminate the fear most players struggle with: that online gambling sites will rip them off.

However, this does not mean that you can calculate your own roll results before you start playing. Fairness is key here. In order to achieve it, players rely on several casino resources we are about to deconstruct.

Random Number Generators

As the name suggests, a random number generator (RNG) is a digital algorithm that produces billions of results every second and it determines the random outcome each and every time. It’s a fancy name for a mathematical equation with the same goal – to generate random numbers.

Seed Generators

Now we’re getting properly serious. These generators produce numbers that are incorporated into algorithms that determine casino game outcomes.

When you start gambling, let’s say a dice game, you can add a seed number into the RNG algorithm and make sure that a gambling site has nothing to do with the outcome of your roll. Simply put, if somebody or something is tempering with the results you will be able to see it for yourself.

Random Client Seed

Client seeds are randomly generated strings of text that you must change at the browser level. You can choose any of the seeds presented, with variable lengths. A client’s seed is combined with server seeds to create a unique, final random number. Bear in mind that casinos use different combination variants, but the principle remains the same.

Server Seeds

These are the seeds provided by the operator. In most cases, it is represented by a 64-character hex string. Before you start to place bets you will get hashed server seed that proves that the outcome of your bet was truly pre-determined, and not messed with after the gambling result was resolved.


With each bet you place in a casino, a nonce is a number generated by the server and sent back to you, the patron. It is up to you to use this one-in-a-lifetime number to seed the random number generator so that both casino and the player know that the random number generator was seeded with genuinely random numbers.

They are not used in gambling alone, and many cryptographic protocols rely on nonces to prevent attacks and harmful third-party activity. By combining nonces, server seeds, and client seeds, players can create 128-character hex strings used to prove whether their game was fair, or not.


In essence, hashing is a transformation of any given string of characters into another, usually a shorter value. Hashing exists in many forms but when it comes to provably fair gambling, it represents the ability to encrypt seed numbers.

Every time you visit Bitcoin online casinos and meddle with seeded numbers, you are creating cryptographic hashes that are virtually impossible to break. Thanks to this property, if someone is messing with your bets you can tell straight away.

How Does Provably Fair Algorithm Work in Bitcoin Casinos?

provably fair gambling

We fully understand that not everybody is a program developer, so we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. There are a couple of steps in every provably fair operation at Bitcoin casinos, here they are in detail.

A quick reminder: You have to use one of the existing internet tools in order to calculate the ending result of your hands/rolls/spins and compare it to the hands/rolls/spins you go during play. They have to match 100%, otherwise, you are probably scammed. Here’s how it goes, step by step.

  1. The provably fair casino will generate a seed number or server seed and send it to you.
  2. You, the player, receive the seed number and add your one seed to the hashed seed number.
  3. The game goes on and the bet is resolved.
  4. You receive the seed you placed in the said bet.
  5. You can verify the bet personally.
  6. If all data matches, you are 100% certain that the bet was absolutely random and everything is in order. However, if the verification is not completed, you are now 100% sure that something went wrong and that someone, or something, possibly interfered with your game.

Let’s use a game of Bitcoin poker to elaborate on how the sequence listed above works in real life.

  • A provably fair casino shuffles the virtual deck and gives you the hash of the outcome.
  • You generate a seed, either randomly or you generate it personally, and it changes a gaming factor such as one of the cards dealt to you. Neither you nor the casino is aware of this process.
  • The hand is dealt, you make bets, and in the end, you win or lose.
  • That particular deck is presented in two ways – in its original layout, and how it turned out to be after you planted the seed.
  • You verify that the hand was fairly dealt, or you clearly see interference by something or someone.

Provably Fair Casinos and Games Pros and Cons



  • You are allowed to check your own gambling outcomes.
  • Provably fair games usually offer a higher return to player percentages (RTP).
  • Super-transparent and fast withdrawals.


  • They are available in a relatively small number of casinos.
  • You can play casino games using cryptocurrencies only.
  • The games are usually of a lower quality compared to casino A-listers.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos vs Regular Bitcoin Casinos

The best way to explain how a provably fair method works are to compare provably fair casinos to the most popular Bitcoin casinos without an implemented provably fair system. In a nutshell, fair crypto casinos offer fair games with a random outcome that has a neutral expected value, and every game outcome is in accordance with the house edge and random number generator.

On the other hand, provably fair gambling sites not only deliver fair games and bets, but they offer you a chance to personally verify that the outcome of your casino play was totally random and honest. A provably fair online casino will let you see for yourself that a particular casino game offers provable fairness and the equality of random outcomes.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

  • Casinos rely on provably fair algorithms which generate all game outcomes, completely random, and keep the outcomes in a hash that online casino players can later verify.
  • A provably fair algorithm and blockchain technology is a public ledger, rendering third-party companies redundant in the online gambling industry.
  • Provably fair betting sites are controlled directly by gamblers and the entire Bitcoin gambling community, instead of government-elected authorities.

Ordinary Bitcoin Casinos

  • Although perfectly legal in most cases, regular online Bitcoin casinos use random number generators to resolve all game outcomes, from roll results to roulette random numbers and hands dealt in a game of cards.
  • Customers playing casino games are not allowed to verify the game’s outcome personally using a cryptographic hash function.
  • Regular online casinos do not support provably fair methods and they rely on third parties and regulatory authorities.

Provably Fair Games

provably fair bitcoin casino

As we all intuitively know, provably fair games enable players to verify the fairness of each and every bet they make. The keywords are provable, verifiable, and transparent to all casino patrons. This was made possible by the invention of blockchain games we all love to play using cryptos.

Their gaming mechanisms are run on the public ledger, providing players the ability to inspect gaming elements after the gaming, or even during a game. Practically all casino games can be provably fair. You can play a game of poker, spin a cool slot game, or throw a pair of dice – it doesn’t matter, as long as the game is provable by nature. Sadly, provably fair games tend to be more simple tech-wise.

Do not expect a provably fair slot machine to feature the same graphics, sound effects, and music as expensive branded slots made for mainstream audiences.

Provably Fair Casino Banking

One of the great things about provably fair casinos is that they usually accept multiple cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most common one. It is a well-known fact that cryptos and e-wallets are by far the most reliable and swift banking methods, not to mention the most discrete in terms of your personal data.

Apart from the casino’s legitimacy and licenses, the only things you should pay attention to are the number of cryptos supported and what are transaction fees, if any. Also, be sure to know in advance whether a casino is a so-called pure Bitcoin casino or a hybrid one.

Pure Bitcoin Casinos

Quite simply, so-called pure, or true Bitcoin/crypto casinos accept nothing but cryptos. You can not make deposits in fiat currency, nor can you make withdrawals indexed in US dollars, Euros, etc. Pure crypto casinos offer the best casino bonuses in the entire industry but are somewhat limiting in terms of accepted currencies, country limitations, and regulation.

Hybrid Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos willing to accept your fiat currencies, which you can later use to buy cryptos, are called hybrid Bitcoin casinos. Generally speaking, hybrid casinos tend to be more approachable by casual gamblers, but in most cases, the bonuses they offer are not as generous as in pure Bitcoin casinos. In reality, the best bonuses in the industry are offered by pure crypto casinos, all indexed in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

Can Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos Solve All Potential Problems?

No, they can not solve all of your potential problems. In fact, the only thing they can solve is the trust issue. You no longer have to rely on third parties or regulatory bodies to be 100% sure that the particular casino offers fair games. Now let’s take a look at some things that provably fair gambling can’t help you with:

  • Country restrictions. If your country is blacklisted at a certain Bitcoin casino, there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Provable gambling won’t improve your odds. The house edge and the return to player percentage in a particular casino game will remain the same. We advise you to play games with low house edge (Blackjack is the best), and slot machines with the highest RTP possible. Avoid slots with an RTP of 96% or lower.
  • Stolen identity. If a casino is under a hacker attack, and someone steals your personal data, no amount of probably fair games can remedy such a disaster.
  • Casino’s withdrawal and deposit policy. They’ll most likely remain the same no matter the provability.
  • Getting better deals. Just because the casino says the games are fair, it doesn’t mean it will grant you better banking deals, higher bonuses, lower deposits, or faster withdrawals.

What is The Best Bitcoin Casino Provably Fair Gambling Site?

First of all, let’s clear out one huge misconception – playing at provably fair casinos does not guarantee success. There is so much more to finding a perfect casino than just provably fair features, so let’s crack them down one by one.

Needless to say, your first task is to find a Bitcoin casino that is indeed provably fair, with equally verifiable games. Once you got that covered, it’s time to check all the other important details. If the country of your origin is not restricted, and the casino is safe and legit, possibly licensed in countries with impeccable regulations, you can turn your attention to games and bonuses.

These are by far the most precious casino assets you can benefit from, so try to find a crypto casino with tons of games that you like, and a generous deposit bonus, or welcome bonus, not burdened by severe wagering requirements and with plenty of time to resolve it. Bonuses above $3,000 are considered to be epic, but anything over $1,000 is probably worth your time and money.

The average wagering should stand at around 35 times bonus money, with two weeks to complete it. Since these are Bitcoin casinos we are talking about, banking should not present a problem. Both deposits and withdrawals are lightning fast, secured, and safe – a courtesy of cryptocurrencies and impenetrable blockchain protocols.

If you are a rookie, we advise you to open an account in a casino with good customer support. The lack of a direct phone line is not a deal breaker, but there should be quick-to-respond, 24/7 live chat support available.

As for mobile usability, it is up for debate. Some players are totally dependent on gambling on the move, while others prefer to play at home. If you belong to a group of mobile players, look for a casino with superior playability via phone and possibly with a dedicated mobile app. Lastly, you should consider responsible gambling tools if you are combating addiction, or just want to be 100% safe at all times.

For example, the most important ones are self-exclusion measures and setting your own gambling limits per bet, session, etc.

Ultimately, finding the best casino is a personal task. We disclose the key features of every single casino, but it’s up to you to decide which casino works best for you. We only recommend casinos that are legit and safe to play, so you could easily single out a casino with offers and terms that suit your style. And please, gamble responsibly!


  • What is a fair Bitcoin casino?

    A fair Bitcoin casino is an online gambling site that offers fair games that you can play having no fear that somebody, or someone, has tempered with the outcomes of statistically random game outcomes.

  • What is a provably fair Bitcoin casino?

    A provably fair casino is an online gambling site that accepts Bitcoin and offers fair games that you can actually verify in real-time, using simple digital tools.

  • Why are the best provably fair casinos letting you check them out?

    Honesty and fairness as well as security are the best casino advertisements for potential clients. A big deposit bonus and fast withdrawals mean nothing if players suspect that a casino will temper with results that should be absolutely random.

  • What is a gambling seed?

    It’s a unique string of text combined with the casino game that ensures fairness in every single game round. Once there, you are 100% sure that the outcome of the game is fair and that no one has tampered with it.

  • Can I play provably fair games on my phone?

    Yes, you can play provably fair games on your mobile phone.

  • Are provably fair gambling sites easier to win at?

    No, they are not. Provably fair Bitcoin casinos will only let you check for yourself that the games are fair. However, your potential win depends on several factors: house edge, return to player percentages of individual games, and obviously – luck. Even in the best provably fair casino on the Planet, you can destroy your bankroll, so gamble responsibly.

  • Why can’t I verify the best Provably Fair casino games before my bets are resolved?

    Accessing the seed numbers during gameplay will allow you to win literally all of your casino bets. This is why verification happens only after the session and when all the bets are resolved.

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