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With fast transaction speed, lower fees, and the use of Proof of History, Solana casinos are making a splash. Dig this payment method? Simply select one of our top Solana gambling sites and try it out!

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What is Solana?

solana crypto casino

Solana (SOL) is one of the newest cryptos to date, hitting the scene in 2020. Its creator – Anatoly Yakavenko – created this cryptocurrency with the intent of making transactions faster than its counterparts. Two years later, Solana is considered one of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in and gamble.

SOL has shown immense potential with around 489 million Solana tokens created and about 270 million currently in circulation. However, given that Solana is still in its beta phase, these numbers are likely to change in the near future.

Why invest in Solana over other cryptocurrencies?

There are three main reasons why Solana has captivated crypto gamblers:

  1. Lightning-fast transaction speed
  2. The ability for anyone to stake Solana tokens
  3. Token safety

Ever since Solana came out, its value has been steadily increasing – a testament to its reliability among crypto users. While the token also experiences peaks and valleys typically associated with cryptos, it has never shown signs of dying out. This is mostly due to the way the Solana blockchain infrastructure is conceived. Instead of relying solely on proof of stake, Solana also features Proof of History.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Solana is able to register successful transactions without waiting for other nodes to respond. This explains why Proof of History has the upper hand. In other words, an average Solana transaction takes as little as 400 milliseconds.

Another very attractive feature about Solana is how almost anyone is able to stake it. Just for frame of reference, staking Ethereum requires holding at least 32 Ethereum tokens, whereas Solana has no minimum token limit.

Getting Started With Solana Gambling Sites

Anyone interested in gambling at Solana online casinos ought to follow these 5 simple steps to get things going. Do this and you should be well on your way to playing casino games using your Solana tokens.

solana wallet

1. Create a wallet that supports Solana

Almost every wallet out there accepts Solana tokens. In fact, many wallets also double as crypto exchange sites so you are able to buy your Solana tokens directly from them. If you happen to choose a wallet like that, skip the next step.

Creating a wallet may require a few extra steps compared to creating a user account on almost any type of website. You need to enter your email and  password, and provide personal information apart from going through the KYC procedure. During the KYC procedure, you have to scan your ID/Drivers license, take a selfie with a randomly generated code or even send a copy of your latest utility bill.

This can be an annoying process but it’s only performed once. Upon creating your wallet, make sure you write down your passphrase and keep it in a safe place (having a screenshot on your phone is not a good place to keep your passphrase).

buy solana

2. Buy Solana from a crypto exchange site

You can skip this step if you picked a wallet that doubles as a crypto exchange (as many of them do). Otherwise, once you have your wallet, you actually need to put some cryptocurrency on it.

Your next course of action is to find a crypto exchange website where you can buy some Solana tokens and send them directly to your newly created wallet. You can buy crypto from most crypto exchanges using your credit cards or a few select e-wallets.

Once you purchase your crypto, simply scan the given QR code and the funds will be transferred to your wallet. If you don’t see a QR code, it’s likely you have to type in your wallet address manually.

choose online casino

3. Pick an online crypto casino that accepts Solana

Once you have a crypto wallet with Solana tokens on it, it’s time to find a casino that accepts Solana as a payment method. Your best bet is to search for pure Bitcoin casinos that accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

From our experience, most hybrid casinos only accept a few crypto tokens (and Solana is usually not one of them). Once you find a casino that you like and that accepts Solana, simply create your account and move on to the next step.

make a deposit

4. Make a deposit/Link your crypto wallet

After you’ve made an account, all that remains is to make a deposit. Simply find the deposit page on the casino website and select Solana as a deposit method. Players receive either a QR code that can be scanned with the selected wallet or the casino’s wallet address that needs to be entered manually.

Either way, you should take out your wallet and transfer the funds to your casino account. Alternatively, if you happen to come across a pure crypto casino, you may actually be able to directly link your crypto wallet account.

This way, you can completely bypass all deposits and future withdrawals at the casino by playing directly from your wallet. The best part of this approach is that your funds will also automatically withdraw to your crypto wallet.

play casino games

5. Enjoy your casino games

Once everything has been done, you are ready to enjoy the online gambling site. Play your favorite casino games, wager funds at sports bets, and, most importantly, have fun using your Solana tokens!

Solana Casinos

Unfortunately, we have a bit of bad news about Solana tokens. Even though Solana is regarded as one of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies on the market, regular online casinos have been slow to implement it as a payment method.

Crypto casinos are not that far ahead. While it’s incredibly easy to find crypto casinos that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few other cryptocurrencies, Solana isn’t that common. In other words, only hard-core crypto casinos tend to accept Solana tokens as a payment method. Fortunately, such casinos happen to be some of our favorite casinos of all time.

Many provably fair games already have a built-in system that accepts Solana tokens directly without you having to convert them to a different currency. Fortunately, as we kept our ears to the ground, more and more crypto casinos are turning to Solana as a viable payment option. Whether it’s used for sports betting, poker games at poker rooms, or other types of gambling sites – we’ve got what you need.

Solana Casino Games

Solana casinos may not be a thing yet but there are some crypto-focused online casinos that happily accept a direct Solana deposit or even let you link your crypto wallet directly to your casino account.

Speaking of games, you should have no trouble finding most staple casino games using Solana tokens.

bitcoin online casino slots

Solana Online Slots

Many modern online slots are made with the mindset to accept cryptocurrencies directly. Just like slot games that accept millibitcoins for spins, there are slots that accept Solana tokens (or fractions of Solana tokens). While not the most popular currency to use for playing online slots, it’s not too difficult to find games that support this stable currency.

bitcoin casino table games

Solana Table Games

When it comes to classic table games, players usually have no choice but to convert their Solana tokens into USD. But hope is not lost. Some crypto casinos have their own line of exclusive games that accept cryptocurrency (Solana included), modernizing the way we play classic table games.

live casino bitcoin

Solana Live Casino Games

Same as table games, most game providers that specialize in live casino games prefer that their players pay in fiat, rather than crypto. Even though there are live casino games that directly accept cryptocurrencies, not a lot of them are willing to accept Solana directly. If your heart is set on playing live casino games with Solana, you may want to consider converting them.

Solana Casino Bonuses

While you can easily find casinos that give you a decent match bonus for a direct Bitcoin deposit, it’s almost impossible to find a regular gambling site that gives you a bonus for all cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, pure Bitcoin casinos come to the rescue once again.

Instead of offering bonuses for specific cryptocurrencies, many pure crypto casinos simply accept ANY cryptocurrency deposit.

crypto casino sign in bonus

Solana Welcome Bonus

Bitcoin casinos tend to stray from the traditional online casino formula. Fortunately, the welcome deposit bonuses are a staple in all Bitcoin casinos as well. The only downside is that you’ll rarely find first deposit bonuses created particularly with Solana in mind.

crypto casino reload bonus

Solana Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses in any online casino are pretty similar to welcome bonuses, only less valuable. If you are lucky enough to find a pure crypto casino with a reload bonus (that also happens to accept Solana), top up your account with this simple bonus.

crypto casino cashback bonus

Solana Cashback

Some casinos will give you back a percentage of all your losses for the day/week. Online crypto casinos that accept Solana will likely give you a cashback percentage using the cryptocurrency you used to play your games. Needless to say, if you use Solana to play your games, you can expect to receive your cashback bonus in Solana as well, albeit with some wagering requirements.

bitcoin casino free spins

Solana Free Spins

Finally, if you are playing at an online casino that likes to push its slot collection (and the majority of them do), you can get a few free spins with your Solana deposit. In our experience, casinos that accept Solana as a payment method don’t normally have free spin bonuses but they aren’t exactly impossible to find.

The Advantages of Using Solana

We already covered briefly how Solana has an edge over the other cryptocurrencies and down below we’d like to elaborate a bit about all the benefits it brings.

Lightning speed

Because of Proof of History Solana has one of the fastest transaction times out of almost all cryptocurrencies out there. Unlike Proof of Stake, Proof of history doesn’t need confirmation from all the nodes on the Solana blockchain.

When a transaction is requested, the miners perform the transaction first, create a timestamp and then wait for all other nodes to confirm. While it may sound sketchy, it works amazingly well and Solana users have enjoyed such fast transfer times ever since the cryptocurrency was first released.


Seeing as how Solana will soon be 3 years old, and the fact that it’s showing no signs of inactivity, it has been labeled as a safe cryptocurrency. It is believed that any safe crypto is the least likely to simply stop existing. Investors who often look for alternative cryptocurrencies to invest in, find Solana to be one of the least risky ones.

Anyone can stake

In order to stake cryptocurrency, a user needs to hold a good amount of them. For Solana that isn’t the case. Anyone who holds Solana tokens can stake them and get rewarded for them. The only catch is that staking Solana requires a fee. This fee may go up or down depending on how the Solana Blockchain develops. Even though we aren’t fans of the Solana staking fee, it is still the easiest cryptocurrency to stake.

The Disadvantages of Using Solana

Unfortunately, Solana isn’t entirely risk-free and there are certain disadvantages when it comes to this cryptocurrency.

Not everyone accepts Solana

The biggest disadvantage of Solana is that it’s not yet widely accepted. The benefits are there for everyone to see, however, not enough people are aware of them. Given the volume of cryptocurrencies, it’s not really that surprising. Understandably, most users prefer popular cryptocurrencies so until Solana is pushed into the limelight, it will remain a secondary choice.

Solana went down once in 2020

Not too long after its release, the Solana network went down for approximately 6 hours. Normally, this would spell doom for any cryptocurrency, however, the Solana network managed to stay afloat. While it’s impressive that the Solana user base didn’t bat an eyelash when the network went black, the fact that it did had an impact on its perceived reputation.

Still in beta phase

Most of the Solana userbase doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that the Solana network is still in its beta stage. Still, this fact comes with a lot of risks. Namely, features will be added, removed, improved, and downgraded. It also means that the network may potentially shut down entirely for one day – something which ALL cryptocurrencies have to contend with at some point.

Play Online Casino Games with Solana

solana casino games

After seeing what Solana tokens have to offer, we are very excited about the future of this cryptocurrency and its potential with online casinos. Even though not all crypto online casinos accept Solana as a payment option yet, we are confident that more of them will as time goes by.

The benefits that Solana brings are too hard to ignore, especially for a business like online gambling. If you also see a future in Solana, give it a try and see for yourself. Thank you for reading our guide on Solana and we hope that it has helped you make your decision about whether or not you should use it at online casinos!


  • What is Solana?

    Solana (SOL) is a cryptocurrency famous for lightning-quick transferring times. Best of all, there is no minimum amount required in order to stake Solana tokens.

  • Where to buy Solana?

    You can buy Solana at almost all crypto exchange websites. Whether you prefer Binance, CoinBase, or any other crypto exchange website, Solana is sure to be available for sale because of its stability. While not yet as popular as other cryptocurrencies, it has stood the test of time and proved its competence in the crypto community.

  • How to stake Solana?

    If you wish to stake your Solana tokens, you need to transfer them to a crypto wallet that allows users to have staking accounts. Fortunately, many crypto wallets have this feature so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one.

  • How many Solana coins are there?

    According to the currently available information, there are approximately 489 million Solana tokens and about 270 million of them are in circulation. As the Solana network leaves its beta, these numbers may change in the future.

  • Do many crypto casinos accept Solana?

    No, not many crypto casinos accept Solana. Solana (SOL) tokens are usually accepted only by casinos that specialize in crypto gambling a.k.a. pure Bitcoin casinos. Hybrid websites that accept both crypto and fiat currencies rarely (never) accept Solana as a payment method.

  • What can I find the best Solana gambling sites?

    To find the best Solana casinos, check out our list of the best SOL gambling sites.

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