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  1. bbc-rated

    Welcome Bonus

    up to 5BTC

    Min. Deposit:

    0.0001... 0.0001 BTC


  2. NEW

    1 BTC Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 1 BTC

    Min. Deposit:

    0,0001... 0,0001 BTC


  3. Welcome Package

    450% up to 5BTC + 140 FS

    Min. Deposit:



  4. NEW

    Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 5BTC

    Min. Deposit:

    0.0009... 0.0009 BTC


  5. bbc-rated

    First Deposit Bonus

    100% up to €500 + 100 FS

    Min. Deposit:



  6. bbc-rated


    doge-icon ethereum-icon litecoin-icon ripple-icon theter-icon

    Welcome Package

    up to 1BTC

    Min. Deposit:



  7. NEW

    Welcome Package

    225% up to €1000

    Min. Deposit:



  8. bbc-rated


    doge-icon ethereum-icon litecoin-icon

    Welcome Bonus

    110% up to 1.5BTC

    Min. Deposit:

    0.001 B... 0.001 BTC


  9. bbc-rated


    doge-icon ethereum-icon litecoin-icon ripple-icon

    Referral Bonus


    Min. Deposit:


  10. NEW

    Swap to Cashback

    Up to 12% Cashback & a free Lootbox

    Min. Deposit:


Bitcoin Casino News

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Visit our News section to find relevant crypto casino news, game releases, and updates. Every day, we bring the freshest stories to keep players in the loop.

How to Choose Your Best Crypto Gambling Sites | 5 Factors to Keep in Mind

Choosing the best online Bitcoin casino is a journey in and of itself. Crypto casino reviews are your life support, especially since some casinos have a habit of decreasing your winning odds the more you make your deposits.

What may be a great BTC casino (or any other altcoin casino) for some, may not necessarily be the best for you specifically. How can you determine this? Consider the 5 following factors to ensure you picked the best online Bitcoin casino:

1. Country Restrictions

restricted countries

Similar to traditional online casinos, Bitcoin casinos have restricted countries. Before signing up, this should be your first order of business, especially since some Bitcoin casinos gladly accept players and their deposits only to refuse to pay out the moment they find out the player is from a restricted country. Remember, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

2. Trust and Reputation

online casino rating

Once you’ve found the best Bitcoin casino site which is accepted in your area, the site’s reputation should be the next concern. This depends on how they resolve disputes, handle customer care, and communicate with their user base. For instance, mBit Casino and BitStarz boast a good reputation and are fully licensed under the laws and regulations of Curacao.

3. Fast Payout and Accepted Cryptos

online casino fast payout

The payout speeds and wagering requirements deserve the most attention after finding a Bitcoin casino you can trust. Some sites promise to process your withdrawal in 10 minutes or less, ensuring quick cash out if you win big. Bear in mind there are caps to your withdrawal amounts. Also, if you are into a specific cryptocurrency, make sure the crypto casino accepts your coin of choice.

4. Bitcoin Casino Games Availability

online casino games

Don’t get too technical when choosing the best BTC casino. Fun needs to be factored in, too! For instance, Stake Casino is teeming with classics like dice, keno, baccarat, craps, or roulette. But if diversity is the goal, then BitStarz might cut it with a selection of over thousands of games. Some sites also feature sports betting and esports, if traditional table games are too slow for you.

5. Bonuses and VIP Promotions

bitcoin Casino bonus

Most players are all about the deposit bonus, so if the crypto casino fails to deliver like you think it’s supposed to – skip it. The biggest bonus isn’t necessarily the best as it usually comes with high wagering. Also, casinos like Metaspins and BC.Game feature a great VIP program with lots of engaging community-based promotions.

Bitcoin Gambling: Best Crypto Gambling Sites


Crypto gambling has been around for roughly a decade. Technically, it’s still a new thing which may explain why a lot of people are still on the fence. If you feel tempted to jump on the bandwagon, this is the great place to start.

One of the purposes of this website is to single out the best Bitcoin casinos from the rest. This means asking questions, digging for insider information, and giving customer support a hard time. After all, holding cryptocurrency is a gamble in and of itself.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

From security and anonymity to bonuses and fast transactions, Bitcoin gambling is a whole new ballgame when it comes to gambling. Fiat currencies are repeatedly hit with regulations – and this is why virtual money takes the cake. Here’s what you’ll never find in traditional casinos:

decentralized casino


Decentralization means that virtual coins are not regulated by government banks. They are not minted by banks. There are no legal tenders in (most of) the countries.

How does this apply to you? Well, in the best of ways! Primarily, your account can’t and won’t be frozen or blocked. Just keep in mind that a casino can still block deposits and withdrawals if it notices sketchy activity on your profile.

bitcoin transaction fee

Negligible transaction Fee

Crypto transaction fees are negligible compared to regular transactions. Still, they may vary from casino to casino, wallet to casino, casino to wallet, and wallet to wallet – but don’t be alarmed by all these comparisons. Whatever transaction you make, crypto doesn’t come remotely close to fiat currency fees.

Disclaimer: Transaction fees in online casinos vary from 2.5% to 5%, while transferring crypto requires a fixed amount depending on the wallet you are using – the biggest fee being 40$ on Binance.

winner online casino easy verification

Quick verification

Account verification is part of the process but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Online gambling comes with a fair set of rules and regulations. Sometimes profiles can be hacked and bank info leaked but if you happen to own a crypto account, you can bypass this issue.

Verification consists of taking a picture of your passport/ID card or driver’s license from the front and back. Then you need to take a picture of yourself to prove that you’re indeed the face behind the account. The process may take a few minutes, but having access to the public ledger makes it all worthwhile.

best online casino that accepts bitcoin

Worldwide Acceptance

Most of the world’s countries impose regulations on cryptos – and only a few of them consider them illegal. You may not be able to buy juice in your local supermarket with it (unless you’re in El Salvador), but you can still withdraw money no matter where you are located.

anonymous casino


Basically, you are incognito. The only thing that remains transparent is the transactions themselves. Who made them, though, remains undisclosed.

And maybe the coolest part is that they will never be recorded on your bank and account statement. In other words, you have complete control of your financial history.

Disadvantages of Crypto & Bitcoin Gambling

Each coin has two sides, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. While there is a whole bunch of benefits up for grabs (Bitcoin bonuses for starters), you may need to take the following shortcomings into consideration if plan on testing the crypto waters:

no recourse bitcoin

No recourse

Remember when we talked about decentralization? Well, it has a caveat. One thing you should always keep in mind is that no one owns the blockchain. So if you run into some problems, yes, the casino’s customer support can help you, but to a certain degree.

Half of the blockchain links are untraceable, so if the funds are lost in a process, you’ll probably have a hard time tracing them back. In other words, practice caution when sending and receiving money!

can you get chargeback crypto

No chargebacks/reversals

This isn’t something that happens often because people tend to keep a watchful eye when transferring money. But let us rephrase this: Since sending funds (into a casino account) is an irreversible process, even a single typo in the address is enough for you to kiss your money goodbye, never to see it again.

Also, you will be charged the transaction fee on top of that potential mishap. So be extra careful before sending funds to and from your wallet!

crypto volatility


It’s not news that the volatility of cryptocurrencies is exceptionally high. There are days when their value can skyrocket by 20% and then fall by 30% the next. Those peaks and valleys are an everyday occurrence.

On top of it all, there are casinos that convert the given virtual coin into fiat currency straightaway. This means you might lose a bit of money in the process. In some cases, it might be a lot depending on the conversion rate. A good solution to this issue is to play at casinos that allow you to use crypto for gambling without converting them.

New cryptocurrencies are popping up in the market on a daily basis. This implies that your lovable coin may not be accepted in every crypto casino you visit. But if you prefer to play it safe, here are the ones that are most likely going to be accepted at the best Bitcoin casinos:


Bitcoin (BTC)

Since everyone’s heard of Bitcoin, all casinos are accepting it. Unlike fiat currency that’s represented by bills and coins, BTC is the first of its kind to be represented by a single public and private piece of code. That’s the key ingredient behind Bitcoin’s success and the reason why the online casino industry was among the first to embrace it.


Ethereum (ETH)

ETH is the second most popular coin and the one with the most technological value. We won’t bother you with smart contracts and what Ethereum’s blockchain can do, but let’s just say there are numerous games and apps built around it. In terms of security, it may not be on par with Bitcoin, but it’s considerably faster. In a nutshell: Ethereum and its coin value referred to as Ether is best suited for tech innovation.

btc cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin’s younger brother. While it’s not as popular as its older sibling, it’s way faster and more user-friendly. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin Cash yet, it’s been accepted in most casinos ever since the Bitcoin code has been updated.


Litecoin (LTC)

This is another OG among cryptocurrencies that has been around since 2011. Developed on Bitcoin’s code, LTC is an upgraded version of its predecessor. This means it’s faster, cheaper, and actually provides great security measures.


Dogecoin (DOGE)

Everybody’s heard of Doge not because of its speed and safety, but because a Reddit crowd pumped it up by investing large sums of money into it in 2020. The fact that it’s a meme coin with the popular Shiba Inu dog serving as their logo only sped up its shot to fame. Also known as the people’s coin, it actually managed to make some regular folk very rich.

Step by Step Guide: How to Get Started at a Bitcoin Casino

step 1

Step 1. You need virtual coins.

If you don’t own cryptos yet, simply visit a crypto exchange website or mobile app and buy them. Of course, all Bitcoin gambling sites accept Bitcoin, but it’s not the only virtual currency available. In fact, some of them offer better welcome bonuses and free spins compared to Bitcoin.

Before you get a hold of the coins, we suggest you check if a casino is accepting that specific cryptocurrency. You’d be surprised how many people fail at that. So if you are holding DOGE, for instance, simply visit our Dogecoin casino page to find appropriate gambling sites.

step 2

Step 2. Once you have bought the coin(s), you have two options:

  1. Keep it on the exchange site where you bought it.
  2. Transfer it to another safe wallet.

Why transfer coins to another wallet? Well, not all of them can hold all cryptocurrencies – and some of them offer trading options inside the wallet itself. Also, more expensive wallets come in the form of a USB stick. This means besides being stored in the cloud, you also get a physical form of your wallet in case you get hacked or forget private keys and passwords.

step 3

Step 3. Do your research on online casinos.

Why is this crucial? Bonuses tend to vary from less than one BTC to more than five. Some can be sticky, others come with extremely high wagering. Whatever the case, if you are chasing high bonus games or even free spins, make sure the online casino does you justice. Otherwise, your investment may go down the drain. Moreover, some Bitcoin casino sites don’t support sports betting or some of the most sought-after slot games, which can be a bummer.

We’ve already done the tedious groundwork by providing our users with the best online crypto casinos to date. All you have to do is decide which Bitcoin gambling site suits you best and start playing your favorite Bitcoin casino games.

step 4

Step 4. Make an account at your selected crypto gambling site.

Making a crypto casino account is usually the same as making one at sports betting sites. There are a few extra steps (which we are going to explain later in the text) but only as a precaution. Moreover, that extra verification step serves a purpose – to prevent hacking.

After finishing the registration process, deposit funds into the casino’s wallet. Keep in mind that not all online Bitcoin casinos are the same. It would be a lot to write about how every single casino trades in crypto money, but let’s just repeat that there are two types of crypto casino sites:

  • Crypto casino site that accepts cryptocurrency but immediately converts it to traditional currency. If you have no problem with that, gamble away!
  • Crypto casino site that allows players to gamble with crypto without converting it. We suggest you opt for such online gambling sites simply because you’ll have more control over your conversions.
electrum wallet


If we examine user reviews, Electrum is the most secure wallet there is because it sends out private keys for each login (if you set it up like that). The only downside is that it’s one of the oldest wallets on the market, so it can’t store a variety of today’s coins.

coinbase wallet


This is one of the most popular exchanges, standing shoulder to shoulder with Binance. You can buy coins straightaway, use them for storage, and it serves as a cold wallet. It has a mobile app, too, that is very user-friendly and pretty straightforward. A great choice for first-time users.

binance wallet


Probably the biggest crypto exchange platform in the market. Identity proof is mandatory for security purposes, but there are no private keys available on your mobile app. You can completely create your account on your computer device, but when it comes to mobile, it is just password and SMS confirmation. The only caveat is that money transfer isn’t supported in a lot of countries.

ledger wallet

Ledger Nano X

This wallet offers the best security there is. But it comes with a price. The price varies depending on the device you choose and it comes in the form of a USB device. It stores more than 5000 different coins and if you are a big holder, this is what whales (big players) recommend.

etoro wallet


Don’t mistake the eToro trading platform for their wallet. It is not even possible to transfer the coins from one app to another at the moment, but they are working on it. This is an excellent wallet – free of charge – with the ability to store a lot of cryptocurrencies protected by multiple security measures.

voyager wallet


Much like other crypto wallets we listed here, Voyager is a US-based investing and trading app as well that’s available for both iOS and Android. Besides accepting more than 90 coins, it provides FDIC insurance through its partner banks for up to $250.000 stored in a user’s account.

gemini wallet


Another cryptocurrency exchange app that’s user-friendly with good security measures. Experienced traders say they would choose Binance and Coinbase before it, but it’s still a formidable app that gives users access to 80 cryptocurrencies across eight blockchains.

Rating Online Casino

Years of reviewing Bitcoin casinos taught us that no gambling site is perfect. But how do we know that some are better than others?

Casino games

The more the merrier. Crypto casino sites with thousands of games tend to attract more customers. This includes slot games, live casino games, poker games, dice games, and jackpot games, to name a few.

Now that Bitcoin gambling is a thing, we also have Bitcoin slots and dice games. Bitcoin games are high-roller games. Live casino games include sports betting and as a standard online casino, they offer video poker, roulette, blackjack, and more. And of course, Bitcoin casinos online are the only ones where you can see casino games such as Satoshi dice.

Security, licensing, and provably fair online casinos

We know that crypto casinos have to be more secure than others because crypto coins are made for the safety of their users. But this is not enough, since there are other things we have to look out for. Licenses are a great example because they are not given out easily in every country.

Some of the most notable gaming authorities include MGA, Curacao, and UKGC – and these are the most respectable ones. We cannot stress this enough – not all Bitcoin casinos are legal. In other words, you won’t find the best Bitcoin casino if it doesn’t have a proper license. When rating the casinos, this is something we investigate thoroughly.

Payment methods and cashout safety are also crucial, prompting BTC casinos to protect their users with security measures like two-factor authentication and SSL 128-bit encryption. This is a must for all casinos. Bitcoin gambling sites also fall into that category since they are not regulated any differently from regular online casinos.

Accepted cryptocurrencies

Although we sound like a broken record now, always check which coins are accepted in the casino. If you plan to gamble with one cryptocurrency and one only, finding a trustworthy crypto casino with bonuses that support your coin of choice makes a world of difference.

Most Bitcoin casinos say they accept Bitcoin, but there are other cryptocurrencies that are recognized around the world. No website deserves the name crypto casino if it doesn’t accept at least three of the most popular coins. Click on the link to find gambling sites that accepts other coins besides Bitcoin:

Bonuses & promotions

According to most players, BTC bonuses and promotions are usually what separates the best Bitcoin casino sites from the rest. In fact, most traditional casinos cannot come remotely close to Bitcoin casinos in terms of bonus offers. For high roller players, this is important since there is a big difference in welcome bonuses which range up to more than a thousand dollars.

Some online Bitcoin casino sites are offering more bonuses than others, coming in the form of free spins or even extra money for sports betting. And let’s not forget all those extra free spins for slots and online casino games.

Crypto Casino Bonus


No casino is worth the risk without a good bonus to get things going. When it comes to fiat currencies, we know they are a staple in every good casino. But crypto bonuses are a different breed. In fact, top Bitcoin casino bonuses tend to be a lot more compelling than the standard ones.

Welcome bonuses

As the name suggests, casino welcome bonuses are received the moment you make your first deposit. Although bonuses vary from casino to casino, some tend to offer deposit bonuses not just the first time you deposit cash, but a few times more. The usual practice is to offer 100% for your first deposit bonus, but up to a certain amount.

In other words, you can’t deposit a million dollars and expect to get a million more. But the good thing with Bitcoin casinos is that they give 100% bonuses up to five or more Bitcoins, which is a lot more than fiat currency could ever match. Bitcoin deposits don’t just offer extra coins, they come in the form of free spins and other perks.

Top Bitcoin casinos sometimes offer multiple bonuses apart from the welcome bonus. Plus, they are linked to a particular coin. Bitcoin may be the jack of all trades, but Ethereum and Doge are up there, giving BTC a run for its money. This means more free spins and a better percentage for the first deposit bonus.

In short, a welcome bonus at a trusted Bitcoin casino site is far superior, something that a regular casino can only dream of.

Best bitcoin casino no deposit bonus

In some rare cases, you may just stumble upon a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. They pretty much come in smaller amounts, but enough for you to try and see if the selected casino suits your needs. In other words, even if it is a small amount, you can still try a lot of online casino games.

Free spins

Free spins are a slot game lover’s dream come true. They are usually awarded as part of deposit bonuses and match the amount you deposited. You would need to play slot games obviously and they have a limit for the price of a turn.

Bitcoin casinos offer more free spins, because you need to play casino games that are new for you, such as Bitcoin slots. And yes, those slots are also jackpot games.

No-wagering bonuses

Although no-wagering bonuses are a rare sight, some crypto casinos do offer them. This basically means you don’t have to spend the bonus you were awarded to claim your winnings.

The reason why you won’t find this type of Bitcoin casino bonus everywhere you turn is that most casinos need you to “spin” your free bonus for claiming. So if you are given free $100, and you happen to win $120, you won’t win $120 but just $20. Top Bitcoin casinos usually don’t have this offer but it is an effective tactic to attract more active users.

Reload bonuses

As the name suggests, these bonuses can be used more than once. They can be reloaded. Such offers are very popular in crypto casinos, particularly among users who have a habit of depositing money multiple times. The offer itself is usually equal to the first deposit bonuses.

Sports betting

Firstly, playing at a crypto sports betting site isn’t yesterday’s news. As a growing number of sports fans decide to put money down on their favorite events, crypto sports betting is becoming the new gambler’s Mecca.

According to a trustworthy Bitcoin casino statistic tracker – Bitcoin Strip – a staggering 337 bets are placed per second! This data is analyzed from sixty crypto gambling sites whereas another market prediction analysis by Fairlay states that 90% of its volume stems from crypto sports betting.

Loyalty rewards

The most popular form of Loyalty Bonus is a higher rate of cashback bonuses for active players. For example, you can get 20% instead of 10% cashback if you are gambling as you climb your loyalty program ladder.

You also might be offered free spins and Instant Rewards at certain games. Sometimes, Bitcoin casinos take things up a notch and reward the clients with material gifts (but that may be conflicting with the desire to stay anonymous).

Play Bitcoin Casino Games

While we know that these are different terms – Bitcoin casino and regular online casino – they are not that different and usually offer the same casino games. All of these are available at the best Bitcoin casino:

So if you have casino games that you like more than others, please check if the popular Bitcoin casino is offering them. As we said, they tend not to be a lot different than regular ones, but as we know, not every casino is the same.

Games that are unique to Bitcoin casino sites are Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Dice. You usually can’t find them in regular online casinos since they accept cryptocurrency only. Don’t let us talk about them, just try them out. They turned out to be very popular in the crypto community and among the best crypto casinos.

Of course, as the crypto industry is a growing market, we can expect this to have an effect on the crypto gambling community. We are probably going to see new games emerge at Bitcoin online casinos.

Bitcoin Live Casino

Live dealer games were a turning point because they maintain that social component to gambling. They offer interactive table games where you can enjoy conversations with other players and dealers without setting foot outside.

Players are able to enter any live casino game whenever they wish during play. All it takes is using your crypto key to enable the wallet for making transactions. While this can be a bother sometimes, remember, it is for your own good when you play live casino games.

Provably fair Bitcoin casinos

All BTC casinos that we list here need to go through a specific assessment – the right to be called a provably fair Bitcoin casino. In layman’s terms, provably fair means the games are not rigged.

For instance, Bitcoin dice – the most popular gambling game in the crypto community – is regulated by RNG (Random Number Generator). This ensures that the casinos can’t influence the outcome, which is the only way this game should be played.

Best Bitcoin Casinos Summary

Bitcoin casinos are offering cheaper transaction fees and more security than ever. They are faster and decentralized so you have complete control over how much money you are spending and what you are doing with it.

You do have to have a verified profile on most websites, but it is for your own security and it won’t affect sensitive and personal information.

When it comes to games, they are pretty much the same as regular ones, and even more, since there is a new category of Bitcoin games. It is just a casino, but with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin live casinos maybe have fewer players than usual, but being connected to other online casinos creates this cross-platform in the form of a hybrid casino. Ultimately, with crypto’s rise in popularity, crypto gambling games are sure to follow.


  • What is a Bitcoin casino?

    Bitcoin casinos are gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. However, the term Bitcoin casino may not be the most accurate as it’s synonymous with any casino that uses cryptocurrencies, not just BTC.

  • Can I play my favorite games at a Bitcoin casino?

    Yes, you can play your favorite games at the best Bitcoin casinos. Most crypto casino games are based on games you would normally find in traditional online casinos. However, Bitcoin games often come with a twist to keep crypto players engaged.

  • What is a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus?

    A Bitcoin no deposit bonus doesn’t require making deposits in order to claim it. Do not mistake no deposit bonuses for free money, though. Usually, they come with high wagering.

  • Are crypto casinos safe?

    Yes, crypto casinos are safe but only if they have proper licensing. Every crypto casino we have listed here is recognized by the gambling community.

  • How do I create an account at a crypto casino?

    Creating an account requires connecting the crypto wallet and typing private and security keys. Some traditional casino sites don’t require ID verification, but you won’t find a Bitcoin online casino that disregards this procedure.

  • How do I deposit using cryptocurrency at casinos?

    To deposit using crypto, make an account in your chosen online Bitcoin casino. Go to the deposit page and start following instructions which usually consist of logging into your crypto wallet and enabling transactions by typing security details.

    Check the currency you are depositing, find the address for the given currency, copy and paste it into the website and soon enough you will find it in your casino wallet.

  • What Bitcoin casinos accept USA players?

    1. BC.Game – A community-based casino that boasts one of the best players experiences to date.
    2. Metaspins – A brand new crypto casino that focuses on player retention with its unique loyalty program and wagerless rakeback bonus.
    3. mBit – The site features over 3,000 online casino games to choose from and packs a first deposit bonus of 110% up to 1BTC + 300 Free Spins.
  • Can Bitcoin be used for gambling?

    Yes, Bitcoin can be used for gambling, which high welcome bonus offers attest to. Moreover, it’s not just Bitcoin that can be used for gambling. With cryptocurrencies, a lot more are being added to the market and some even have their own bonuses for specific virtual coins.

  • Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

    Yes, Bitcoin gambling is legal depending on your country of residence. Also, due to its decentralized nature, legalizing crypto is much easier than regular fiat currency betting.

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