Author Releases BitcoinDice 2.0 Dice Script Free of Charge

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The authentic BitcoinDice 2.0 dice script may now be used by online dice operators. Will this affect the variety of dice games in the Bitcoin casino market?

More online dice sites bearing the same design interface may soon spread across the Internet as the BitcoinDice 2.0 dice script can now be acquired by anyone interested, free of charge.

Jessica Young, known as felinegambler on the Bitcointalk forum, announced in a thread that the dice script she authored has been released on Github.

Those unfamiliar with the dice script at hand may picture the interface found on Primedice since this Bitcoin dice site, although moderately modified, shows the main design elements of the BitcoinDice 2.0 dice script.

Players who have stayed a longer time in the Bitcoin casino market to wager more on dice games will agree with the observation that a number of platforms have already used this script. However, the question is whether or not these dice sites used the actual script or simply copied it, and therefore becoming a mere clone.

PrimeDiceYoung was quick to clarify in the thread, though, that her script is authentic and that it functions smoothly without any backdoors or what not. She also suggested interested takers to have an expert or someone knowledgeable in PHP to proofread her script to check for potential errors.

She posted in the thread:

“Due to me giving this away for free there have been some “authenticity issues”, I can assure you this is authentic and working and can only suggest you get someone with PHP skills to read through if you are unsure.”

With the dice script already out in the open for free, gambling enthusiasts who wish to set up a business like a Bitcoin casino may opt to take advantage of this opportunity to operate a Bitcoin dice site first.

The possible downside of this, however, is that newer platforms may lack unique elements that will be instrumental in making them stand out in what seems to be a market populated by dice sites.

Regardless, the BitcoinDice 2.0 dice script may be the perfect software aspiring online dice operators have been waiting for.

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